“Research helps improve potentials of graduates” – Dr. Asan Gani

By Alya Nadiah
GOMBAK, 12 November, 2017: Research is important for undergraduates to have a deeper understanding and satisfaction with university experience, apart from improving their speaking and writing ability and gaining necessary skills to troubleshoot and “think outside the box,” Deputy Director of Research Management Centre, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Asan Gani Abdul Mutalib said.

In a talk on the significance of undergraduate research held recently (10 November) at ADM LT1 IRKHS building, Dr. Asan Gani said, “Research is a systematic approach in obtaining and confirming new and reliable knowledge.”

He said that students who were exposed to practical research have a brighter future compared to those who did not have the exposure.

He highlighted, “When a graduate with CGPA of 3.3 who had done research attend an interview for a job, the likelihood is that he or she would be offered the job, compared to a graduate with CGPA of 3.4 without research.”

Research will also change students’ life as it helps in inventing the future and rapidly improving technical skills for professional advancement. And if a student does a compelling work, his or her research supervisor could write a recommendation letter which is very useful to secure a job or to get into graduate school. ***

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