Voluntary enrolment of PLKN 2.0 trainees starts 30 September

By Marsha Adibah

GOMBAK, 28 September 2017: Voluntary enrolment of the National Service Training Programme (PLKN 2.0), Group Three, Series 14/2017, is now open on 30 September, according to PLKN web page.

Participation is open to all Malaysian citizens aged 17 – 21 years old who are in good health. The programme will be implemented in 51 camps throughout Malaysia and the final recruitment for 2017 will take place from 30 September to 28 November 2017.

The National Service Training Programme 2.0 has been transformed and a new breath is aimed at providing the younger generation with technical skills and soft skills for market jobs. This is an effort everyone needs to take to create the quality of the youngsters.

Besides undergoing an integrated learning programme focused on the development of personality, identity and soft skills for 8 weeks during phase 1, the trainees can further their studies on phase 2 in the field of skill and technicality at the Institusi Latihan Kemahiran (ILK) involved.

Among the activities to be undertaken include 8 modules which are Fit4Life, Malaysiaku & Be Safe, Be Alert, Kerohanian, Service Learning, i-Upgrade, Tech & Talk and MyFuture.

The National Service Training Department (JLKN) has collaborated with 12 Ministries/Departments/Public Agencies, and more than 30 Private Agencies to provide technical and technical training to PLKN trainees in Phase 2. They are Politeknik, Institut Kemahiran Belia Negara (IKBN), Malaysian Automotive Institute (MAI), KRU Academy, Akademi Seni Budaya dan Warisan(ASWARA) and many more.

There are several ways to register for PLKN programme which can be done by interested candidates:
i. Fill out the online registration form at www.khidmatnegara.gov.my
ii. Contact the JLKN headquarters at: 03 – 4027 4000
iii. Contact or walk in to PLKN camps near you.
iv. Parents can send their child at a gathering place as set by JLKN in each state

To find out the achievements and testimonies of PLKN 2.0 trainers who have undergone PLKN 2.0. you can access the official social media Department (FB/Instagram /Twitter – PLKN 2.0) & (Youtube – khidmatnegara).***

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