“High time for high culture” – Tan Sri Rais

By Amran Baharum

GOMBAK, 19 May 2017: As a nation that is developing rapidly in all aspects of human activities, it is timely for Malaysians to embrace the high culture practices which are related to daily life activities such as human interactions, behavioural senses and execution of responsibilities.

Malaysians, especially the younger generation, have been urged to be more sensitive towards high culture values as it could accommodate the creation of a dynamic Malaysian society and in parallel with the vision of making Malaysia a developed nation with dignity.

According to the Malaysian government’s socio-cultural advisor, Tan Sri Dr. Rais Yatim, high culture practices can only be implemented if the Malaysian society understands and appreciates its importance.

The nation’s development will collapse if cultural values are to be taken for granted, especially for a country with multi-cultural background like Malaysia.

Officiating the opening of Semarak Budaya Tinggi (SEBUTIK) programme on Thursday evening (18 May), Tan Sri Rais who is also IIUM President said, a stronger sense of cultural bonding and oneness among its people is of utmost importance for Malaysians to be respected internationally.

SEBUTIK is an embedded programme to inculcate high culture concepts among people from different walks of life, especially university students and youngsters, as they are the ones who will be leading the country in future. The programme comes from an aspiration brought by Tan Sri Dr. Rais following the Kongres Kebudayaan 2017 which was held at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) recently.

Several activities have been organised in conjunction with the campaign such as cultural talk, motivational camp, seminar, charity works and quiz competitions.

Present at the event which was held at Cultural Activities Centre (CAC) were IIUM’s Deputy Rector (Student Affairs), Prof. Dato’ Dr. Mizan Hitam and other university senior administrators, deans and directors. Other VIPs included former Media Prima Chairman, Tan Sri Johan Jaafar, and Daya Bersih Chairman, Datuk Wan Hilmi Wan Kamal. ***

Photos by OCCM during 'Rewang Budi IIUM' on 5 May 2017

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