More participants now in IIUM Robotic Competition

By Fachri Mirza

GOMBAK, 17 April 2017: The IIUM Robotic Competition (IRC 2017) held this year has drawn an increase in the number of participants to 178 compared to only 78 last year.

The event was held at IIUM Cultural Centre (ICC) on Saturday (15 April) with prizes to be won totalling RM7850.

With participants coming from among various schools and universities, the main objective of this event was to introduce and expose young people to robots.

Consisting of three people in a team, participants were charged with a registration fee ranging from RM100 to RM170 to compete in the competition.

This exciting event consisted of six categories of competition, namely Maze Runner, Time Rush, Rero Math It Out, Auto Sumo, Soccer Robot (primary) and Soccer Robot (secondary).

“Some people considered robot as somewhat creepy and dangerous, but with this event we showed how fun robot is if we use it for our everyday life. And it is really fun if you are keen enough to explore more about it,” said Ahmad Ammar, who is one of the event’s committee members.***


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