Director of OSeM: “Think positively on card enforcement”

By Mahadhir bin Monihuldin

GOMBAK, 23 February 2017: “I hope students can think positively about our card enforcement campaign.” IIUM’s Director of the Office of Security Management (OSeM), Supt. Zulkepli bin Hj Daut said this in response to the ruckus among students regarding the summons given to those who have failed to bring or display their student cards.

His explanation was in relation to the current enforcement on the ruling of card display in campus.

“This is a daily routine carried out to bring awareness not only to students but also staff members of IIUM. They need to abide by the rules written in the Students’ Discipline Rules 2004 (amendment 2006),” the security head said.

The Students’ Discipline Rules 2004 (amendment 2006) is a book by the Office of the Legal Adviser comprising of the set of policies students are required to follow as part of the terms and conditions of entering into IIUM.

Supt. Zulkepli emphasised, “It is not the responsibility of OSeM to give early notices about any initiative to enforce the rules, but the responsibility of each and every member of IIUM is to comply.”

In this case specifically, students are required to display their identification cards at all times, and the only exception to this rule is when students are engaging in sports activities.

The summon for being caught without an identification card is RM50, but students and staff members can apply for an appeal which could possibly be reduced to RM20.

For those who have their cards in their wallet but not in their card strap Supt. Zulkepli said, “you’ll be given a warning”.***

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