Tips to improve Quran recitation

By Nurlaili Najmin

Learning about Quran is one of the virtuous acts of worship. It is whether we learn by reading it, pondering its meaning, as well as teaching others about Quran. It is a learning process to the teacher as well. The Quran recitation is actually a beautiful art in itself. There are differences in reading and reciting the Quran which is in our guidance as a Muslim.

Abu Hurayra said, “I heard the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, say, “Allah does not listen to anything as gladly as He listens to a Prophet with a good voice chanting the Qur’an aloud.

So, here are the tips on how to improve our Quran recitation.

1. Learn Tajwid Rules

As we all know, Quran has its own Tajwid rules that the reciters should follow. It is because, once you break the rules of Tajwid in the recitation of Quran, the meaning of the Quranic words will eventually change. Tajwid is also known as a beauty of Quran and the beauty of Quran recitation will fade away if there are no Tajwid rules. As Muslims, we need to learn Tajwid rules in order to make our Quran recitation become good. You can learn them from the experts.

2. Start learning from short and easy Surahs first

You can start learning to recite Quran from the easy Surahs. The 30th chapter of Quran is really useful for the beginners of Quran recitation for learning all basic level of rules of Tajwid. This tip can be used by adults and kids as well.

3. Learn to control your breath while reciting Quran

You cannot stop reciting the Quran in between unnecessarily. As recitation is not mere reading, you have to spend a certain amount of time at each word and alphabet according to rules, so you need a long breath. This will make the verses of the Quran be recited correctly and in a beautiful way without changing the structure of the meaning.

4. Please do not be hasty

You cannot be hasty in order to master in reciting Quran or reading Quran in a good way. It takes time. Believe me, if you keep learning how to improve the recitation of the Quran, then, you will see the differences of your Quran recitation.

5. Learn some vocabulary or the meaning of the Quranic Words

This will definitely help you in understanding what you recite as well as it would help you to focus more on oration or recitation than on memorising and recalling surah. In addition, when you know the meaning of the Quranic verses, you will recite with emotions and also your voice will come from the heart and has emotion too.

6. Practices make perfect

Don’t forget to practise reciting the Quran in order to improve your own recitation. You must recite as much as you can. As the first revelation that has been given to Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) which means “Recite!” from Surah al-Alaq in Quran. Recite the Quran as frequently as you can if you have free time. The more you practise it, the better you will be in reciting Quran.

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