Psychology student involved in accident requires immediate surgery

By Yasmin Latif

GOMBAK, 4 August 2016: A post-graduate Psychology student, Nurul Farahani Miswati was involved in an accident near a petrol station here when her motorcycle was hit by a car at around 3.30 p.m on Monday (1 August).

The victim suffered serious injuries to her mouth palate, eyes and jaw bones which required her to undergo surgery. She was taken immediately to Hospital Selayang to receive the treatment.

The news of the accident that befell Farahani was spread through WhatsApp messages and on social media like the IIUM Online page.

To ease the burden of medical costs to be borne by the family of the victim, TABUNG KASIH ISMAK RUQYAH has been set up through the initiative of student body Syura Ikram Siswa IIUM to raise fund for the victim. Its spokesperson, Mohd. Izzuddin Nazaruddin said donations can be made through Maybank account 512017013503 HEAVENLAND.

The family has informed that currently the victim has been transferred to Hospital Muar for follow-up surgeries to rebuild the affected fractures.

It was believed that the accident happened when the victim attempted to move from the right lane to the left without noticing a car dashing from the back. The victim failed to handle her bike and lost control of the machine. ***

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