Negeri Sembilan: 5 places you should visit

By Syakir Nizam

Negeri Sembilan is a state located in the south west of the Malay Peninsular. It borders five states: Selangor, Federal Territory, Melaka, Johor and Pahang. The state has become popular among Malaysians due to the uniqueness of custom practised by its people which is known as Adat Pepatih. It has beautiful beaches and natural environments. So, if you decide to visit Negeri Sembilan, I suggest the following five places which you should not miss.


1. Jeram Toi Waterfall

Jeram Toi is situated between Seremban and Jelebu. Located at Bukit Tangga, this place was discovered by the British in 1895. It became popular among local people because it is far from the city and a perfect place to hide from the hot sunny day, and you will forget about your burden at working place and study. The beauty and freshness of the waterfall can make you feel calm, enjoyable and take the wisdom behind the creature from Allah. In this place, you also can do some leisure activities such as picnic, barbeque and rest. Do not worry about accommodation as this place is complete with basic accommodation with facilities like toilets and BBQ pits.


2. Seri Menanti Royal Palace

Seri Menanti Royal Palace portrays amazing architecture and design from Indonesia. This palace was adapted from Minangkabau in Sumatra, Indonesia, built in 1905 and fully finished in 1908. It was built by a professional carpenter, Kahar Bin Taib. He used 99 poles of cengal (teak) woods to build a four-storey building. What is the major attraction in this place? This place was built without using any single metal nail. It was amazing and has become the major attraction for tourists. Located at royal town Seri Menanti, it is very easy to access this place. You can take the highway Seremban-Kuala Pilah and have 45-minute drive to reach the place. This palace will provide you with the history of the Negeri Sembilan royal family.


3. Port Dickson

If you love the beaches and enjoy to do some water activities, Port Dickson is the best place for you. It faces the Straits of Melaka and it takes only one hour by car from Kuala Lumpur to arrive there. One of the popular beaches is Teluk Kemang. Other than that, this place also have the several interesting places that you can visit. For example, Kota Lukut, a fort built during British colonial period. Next, if you want to enjoy the view of sunset and sunrise, Bukit Putih at Tanjung Tuan is the best place to visit. If you want to know about the military in our country, Muzium Tentera (Military Museum) is a suitable place to visit. Other new attractions in Port Dickson are the 3D Art Museum, Ostrich Farm and Upside-down Art Gallery. All these places promise you the best experience in Port Dickson with affordable price. Hence, you can enjoy your holiday peacefully.


4. Ladang Alam Warisan Kuala Pilah

If you were to ask people in Negeri Sembilan the attraction in Kuala Pilah, for sure, their answer will be Ulu Bendul Waterfall. However, there are now new attractions at this district – Ladang Alam Warisan Resort. This is not just a resort, it gives you the experience of traditional Malay culture and heritage. Located at Kampung Tangah, Tanjung Ipoh, this place will attract you with the beautiful view of natural creature and give you a one-day experience at the village. There are many attractions at this place such as Malay traditional cuisine, Mini Zoo, traditional archery and riding horses. Another attraction is that visitors can do their activities while wearing the Malay traditional clothing like baju Melayu with tanjak. The entrance fee is just RM 3 for adults and free for children. So do not waste this chance. Go to this place and enjoy our great-grandfather’s heritage.


5. Rembau

Have you have heard the song entitled “Rembau Most Wanted”? If you have heard that song, you will be familiar with this place called Rembau. It is one of the seven districts in Negeri Sembilan where it is well known as Daerah Beradat. This is because some parts in this district still practise the Adat Pepatih as their main custom especially in marriage tradition. In this district, there are several attractions that you can visit. The main attractions: Gunung Datuk, the popular place for hiking, Pedas hot spring for family activities, and if you love crystal, you can visit Rembau Crystal, to gain knowledge about crystals and you can buy the items. Other than that, if you want to feel the real life of a fisherman, you can visit Kampung Sungai Timun and many activities are held there like watching fireflies at night, fishing and catching lobsters.

Although Negeri Sembilan is not the biggest state in Malaysia but this state is filled with historical values, beautiful nature and rich in old Malay tradition. It gives you the new experience that you would never get at the other places.***

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