Top 5 most favourite ‘Kuih Raya’

By Wafa Awla

When the takbir is heard echoing from far, we can immediately see smiles on the face of everybody. That marks the end of one month of fasting during Ramadan, and Syawal is knocking on the door, ready to be celebrated.

For most Muslims in Malaysia, Hari Raya Aidil Fitri is the most glorious celebration. This is the perfect time to see the excitement among Malays, in particular, in welcoming and celebrating the Eid when people rush to do their last minute shopping for a variety of things like clothes, curtains and house decorations. Some have already started returning home to their kampung to help their parents in preparing to welcome the Eid.

Raya won’t be lively without preparing cookies for the festive occasion, although some just prefer to buy ready made biscuits and cookies from supermarkets or vendors. Normally the recipe for traditional cookies is passed down from generation to generation. That makes Raya in Malaysia pretty different from other places.

We recently set up a poll on “top 5 favourite Kuih Raya” on our twitter to find out the cookies most preferred by our readers to celebrate Raya. We received an overwhelming response from the readers.

The line-up is as follows:

5) Bahulu


Bahulu is a small sponge cake and requires simple ingredients of eggs, flour, sugar, and cooking oil. However, bahulu is available in the supermarket at any time nowadays. There are two ways for people to enjoy this cake, either eat it separately or dip it in hot tea of coffee (just a few seconds) until it turns soft and easy to swallow.

4) Almond London


Until today, I have no idea why this cookie is known by this name. Perhaps many years ago chocolate chips used as an ingredient for the recipe is brought from London. This cookie is popular particularly among kids since they are always craving for sweet things. It is coated with chocolate, topped with almond. It is crunchy and deliciuos.

3) Semperit


This biscuit is commonly found in a shape of daisy flower made of wheat flour, corn flour, custard powder, sugar and margarine. However, nowadays, semperit can be found in a variety of shapes, sometimes dipped with chocolate on the top.

2) Tart Nenas


This is a “must served biscuit” on the table during Hari Raya. In order to have a perfect taste of Tart Nenas, the procedure for preparing this cookie is divided into two parts (that should be done carefully), which are the jam and the pastry.  It can be found in various shapes but the most popular one is Tart Nenas Gulung. The pineapple jam is rolled in the biscuits and it gives a scrumptious taste that lasts in your mouth for a day.

1) Cornflake Madu


Finally, readers picked Cornflake Madu as most favourite Kuih Raya. Perhaps it is the most simple, easy to prepare, and delicious with two main ingredients, cornflakes and honey. The mixed taste of honey and the crunchiness of the cornflakes gives sweetness in your mouth that makes you ask for more. You can be addicted with just one bite of the cookie.

So, following this article, we hope you would keep an eye on the “top 5 favourite Kuih Raya” jar because you might miss a chance to taste these delightful Kuih Raya.

We, from IIUM Today, would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri.  Have a safe journey home and back. May all of us have plenty of blessings from Him. ***

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