Rector: ‘Let’s be balanced between studies and activities’

By Siti Afiqah Amalina

GOMBAK, 23 April 2016: The Centre of Leadership and Virtues (CLAV) in cooperation with Sports Development Centre (SDC) recently organised a two-day exhibition and sports carnival filled with a number of activities geared towards giving students a chance to develop their balanced personality.

The Students Carnival 2016 was the first ever event organised by these two important centres involving registries in curriculum activities in IIUM.

The event was attended by the Rector of IIUM, Prof. Dato’ Dr. Zaleha Kamaruddin, accompanied by the Deputy Rector (Students Affairs), Prof. Datuk Dr. Mizan Hitam together with Director of CLAV, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Noor Azlan Mohd Noor.

The ceremony began with the Qur’anic recitation by a cadet officer from IIUM Air force, Muhammad Saufi Mahlan. This was followed by welcoming remarks by the Director of CLAV thanking all the committees and participants who had willingly joined the event.

“To all CLAV class skill, thank you for your participation in this event and for taking part in the display exhibition. Thank you all participating units, uniform bodies such as SUKSIS, PALAPES, ROTU Airforce. Not to forget, SDC for their cooperation to work together with CLAV to organise Sports Carnival throughout the two days at different venue in campus.”

The Rector, in her speech, emphasised on the differences between young people nowadays and before. She said: “Young people have changed nowadays in terms of approach and the way we have to approach them would also have be different. They are more energetic, fast and pious.”

There were other key points mentioned by the Rector. She said that successful people must have balanced personality. And “it must come together with the intelligence and the soft skills”.

“In IIUM, we provide all the skills that suits you taste. The purpose of this university is not to create ‘me but also create you’. The more you less the me, the more you become better,” she added.

Besides that, she encouraged all young people to be active in both study and activities. She cited parables by saying all the trees here may have hanging fruits and “what we need to do is take an action to pluck the fruits”.

We are not forced to do but if we want to succeed, we have to take the first move. She said: “If you want to know your future, you need to see what you are doing today. You can predict your own future by seeing what you have done today. Stay strong with all the challenges, be with strong friends because friends are very important in our lives.”

In conjunction with the Student Carnivals 2016, there were several activities such as martial arts demonstrations, CLAV sports carnivals, PC Fair and other competitions. All the co-curricula courses including uniform bodies opened their booths around the CAC.

There were other NGOs and agencies that participated in this event. Among the agencies were National Blood Centre, Election Commission of Malaysia, Malaysia’s Civil Defence Department (JPAM), Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia and the food trucks***

Credited to ROTU Airforce IIUM

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