SOCASA’s mentoring programme at SMK Dong to enhance leadership

By Norhaspin Ajib

RAUB, 27 February 2016: The Department of Sociology and Anthropology has successfully organised a mentoring programme to help develop soft skills among students at a leadership camp held for three days recently at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Dong near here.

The programme’s assistant coordinator, Muhd Luqman Zamani said the main purpose of this programme was to share knowledge on how to enhance leadership skill among school prefects and committee members of school’s clubs and organisations as well as to help develop teamwork.

The programme involved participation of 28 members from the university who took charge as facilitators. There was good commitment showed by the school where 78 students participated in the programme.

Among the programmes conducted for the students were group activities called salam muhibbah, ‘one for all and all for one’ and ‘two truth and live’, a talk on self-preparedness by Hatiqah and Zahier, an explorace, and a presentation by students called Nightplay. A sharing moment session was held at the end of programme.

According to Luqman Zamani, the group activities provide the best means to develop teamwork and create bonding among them. Not just that, the facilitators also learned how to be good role models to the school participants.

Most of the activities were challenging to the physical, emotional and critical thinking of the students. Besides that, participants were exposed to spiritual enrichment like performing congregational prayers.

The mentoring programme gave a valuable and excitement experience, especially for the SOCA team when the facilitators shared their worthwhile experience with the participants.

“It’s a good platform to boost our confidence and learn to handle and organise the group especially for the first time as a facilitator,” said Nor Shahida. ***

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