RABY 3.0: Mission to enhance community engagement

By Muhammad Basir Bin Roslan

SERIAN (SARAWAK), 1 November 2015: A follow-up programme from the previous semester called Desa Rayang Bumi Kenyalang  (RABY) was conducted for the third time by 22 committees from MISI Club IIUM for six days, beginning 24 October with the mission to give religiosity enhancement and guide the villagers to the easier way of conducting waste management at Kampung Rudan Rayang, Sarawak.

“Unlike the previous programme, RABY 3.0 has its own mission, that is to give religiosity enhancement as main objective as we conduct many programmes regarding theories and practicality for fardhu ‘ain and fardhu kifayah knowledges. We also focussed on teaching villagers how to manage waste with slot called fertiliser composition by our committees,” said Fakhrur Fazi Jamalie. He was in charged as programme manager for this RABY 3.0.

He also added that besides two main objectives mentioned before, this programme also stressed on making strong bond with villagers and also SHINE Project that is motivational programme conducted for SK St. James students.

For religiosity enhancement, there were so many programmes conducted such as theory and practicality for prayers and ablution programme, jenazah management, Quranic classes as well as story-telling about Prophet Muhammad S.A.W for children.

“What we observed here about villagers practicality on Islamic values, it seems they are not too knowledgeable about Islam with reason on not so many preachers can come here because it is too far away from the main city of Serian. And the other reason also is that many of them are muallaf or what we called new brother in Islam, and that is why we focus more on preaching fardhu ‘ain and kifayah knowledges so that with hope villagers can practice it properly,” added Naimah Jamil, assistant programme manager for RABY 3.0.

She mentioned that the villagers should also be exposed with knowledge on how to manage waste management because from the last RABY programme, they observed that villagers just throw away their wastes into the river and this will make it dirty, and that is the reason there had been fertiliser composition slot handled by committees.

For SHINE Project, this programme had its limelight that is motivational slots with standard 1 to 6 students of SK St. James because they had just finished their end-year examination and are waiting for holidays.

“For SHINE Project, the core programmes were on skill and knowledge enhancement and we were conducting fun-to-participate slots, such as English Is Fun, Charades, Tornado, Snow Bubble and many more to attract students. I hope that all of these programmes give benefits for students and the committees itself,” said the programme coordinator of SHINE project, Siti Humairah Az-zahrah Rosafendi, 24.

In addition, RABY 3.0 welcomed the visit of Senior Administrative Assistant of University Centre for Community Service ( UCCE ), Zainuddin Abdul Manan, on the sixth day of the programme. He also attended the closing ceremony and cultural night on the last day before the committees’ flight back home to IIUM.

He hoped that for next RABY programme, they will come out with entrepreneurship skills slot and medical checkup for villagers, through joint venture with UNIMAS and IIUM Kuantan medical students.

The organisations that lent their helping hands for RABY programme this semester are Dewan Bandaraya Kuching Utara which gave free transportation for committees at Kuching, and Islamic Relief Malaysia that provided donations like used attires to be sold by the committees, as well as all committees for their contributions in terms of commitment fees and jogathon cards.***

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