“Malam Santai Budaya” a show case of Malaysia

Izzud deen Redzuan
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By Izzud Deen Redzuan

GOMBAK, 11 February 2015: The Centre of International Islamic Culture (CiTRA) had successfully presented a wowed showcase by IIUM students, a combination of the Islamic traditional and contemporary music, theatre, dance and vocals, at the Main Hall of Cultural Activity Centre (CAC), IIUM.

This event was another effort by CiTRA to manifest Islam and culture through music and arts as well as to promote solidarity among clubs under its supervision.

The ‘Malam Santai Budaya’ was a combined effort of various clubs under CiTRA’s supervision namely, IIUM Theatre Club, Sutra Pawana Dikir Barat, IIUM Nasyeed Club, IIUM Acoustic Band, Film & Creative Production Club (FCPC), Gema Gangsa Gamelan, IIUM Angklung, IIUM Percussion Club, IIUM Nafastari Dance Club and Andeka Caklempong.

The main theme for this year’s Malam Citra Budaya was ‘Budaya Serlahan Budi’.

The one-hour and the half event had amazed the audience throughout the night in the packed of Main Hall with talented and harmonised performances such as “Ya Maulai”, a popular traditional song by Datuk Siti Nurhaliza and togetherness with the melody of angklung by Mohamad Dadang Soleh.

Of the eye-catching performance was the “Acheh Saman Dance” or so called the dance of thousand hands during the opening ceremony. It was performed by the IIUM’s Acheh Student Society and among popular dances in Indonesia. The dance was characterised by its fast-paced rhythm and common harmony between dancers and accompanied by a music player.

The night’s schedule was continued by the “Naskhah Sebuah Ceritera“, a journey-life true story of Ku Zahir Ku Ahmad performed by the Gema Gangsa Gamelan. This lyric was featuring his struggle in music industry during his young age and his effort was well-paid of and made him a successful composer and performer in the traditional Malay music industry.

Audience member Siti Saleha from the Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences was impressed with the outstanding performances and the somewhat implicit meaning of arts and lyrics had touched her heart. This Malam Santai Budaya deserved an standing ovation from the IIUM communities.

Towards the end of closing ceremony, an outstanding performance “Dikir Puteri & Overture Star” featured by all performers under CiTRA was well received by the audience.

The power of arts and music had brought us together, helping us to reflect upon who we are, where we come from, and what lie ahead. This event had successfully developed a community of culture lovers who adhered to the arts and had introduced the heritage of Islam to the International level. ***

Photos taken by Shazni Ong

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