IIUM.fm receives visitors from UTHM

By Hafiz Asnawi 

GOMBAK, 9 February 2015: IIUM.fm today received a group of ten producers from University Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM). The visitors led by Mohd. Hamim were warmly received by the advisor of IIUM.fm, Dr. Shafizan Mohamed and its crew at IIUM.fm main office.

The main objective of the visit was to learn how IIUM.fm manage their radio station. This is because by the end of this month UTHM is about to launch an official radio in their communities.

The producers took the opportunity to visit the radio studio to gain exposer to the work environment and to observe the deejay handling of the radio equipment and the programme. The scheduled visit was guided by IIUM.fm’s public relations team and the advisor.

The leader told the interview that the team was amazed with the IIUM.fm management and they believed that the IIUM.fm is a good role model to be followed by UTHM radio.

“Our vision for UTHMfm radio is to create e-learning to be oriented by the lecturers to the main targeted audience, the students. By doing so they believe that the learning process can be held at two places in one time,” he added.

The creation of radio station in UTHM can help the students to feel the working experience and improve their English language, according to the team leader. He also said there will be two segments with two main languages, Malay and English. It is expected that students would be familiar with the usage of English in daily life.

Other features will be be made available in their website later, namely video lectures as well as audio lectures. The visiting team hoped that in future they would be in the same level like Harvard by having streaming lectures.***

Photos by Br. Naim Fadil

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