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GOMBAK, 18 November 2014: IIUM campus election, the most anticipated event after two semesters of hiatus as announced by the Senate no 407th Senate Meeting of IIUM, is currently held until 20 November 2014 at IIUM main campus.

The Students’ Representative Council Election 2014/2015 (SRC Election 14/15) is organised by the Student Affairs & Development Divisions (STADD) in collaboration with the Office of Deputy Rector (Students Affairs).

STADD’s Director, Dr. Noor Azlan B. Mohd Noor,  has been appointed Chairman of the Election Commission.

The seat of constituency is open to all undergraduates both locals and internationals. Only students who fulfilled the qualification are eligible to be nominated as candidates in the SRC Election.

Among the conditions are that candidates must obtain CGPA above 2.70 and are good in moral characters as well as those who have leadership qualities that serve as a good example to others.

On 15 November, during the Nomination Day, the finalist candidates for each Kulliyyah was announced by the Chairman of the Election Commission.

In order to be shortlisted candidates, students are required to attend the English proficiency session (public speaking) organised by the English Proficiency Committee which was held on 11 November.

Hence, the finalist candidates were given 5 days from 16 November until Polling Day on 20 November to promote their manifestos and resolutions within their Kulliyyah.

Wan Ahmad Khairi, the former Chairperson Welfare of SRC 13/14 advised students to exercise their rights wisely. He said: “The individuals who will undertake the position of SRC and are also representing each Kulliyyah, will have to emphasise more on the students’ welfare and bring improvement of IIUM’s facilities, especially equipment in the classroom, laboratory, CAC Main Hall and toilets. It is important to organise academic programmes and discussions so that we produce an undergraduate who is aware of current issues.”

A total of 23 seats will be contested in this SRC Election which includes 5 seats for International students.

The Election offers four  seats for Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge (IRKHS), two seats for Islamic Revealed Knowledge and another two for Human Sciences.  Constituencies from Kulliyyah of Language and Management (KLM) won uncontested through Nur Adlina and Siti Lailatul Nujma Suhaimi.

List of constituencies are as follows:


  1. Ahmad Muqri Syahmi
  2. Ahmad Syafiq
  3. Azzan Aznan
  4. Faten Nabila
  5. Nur Adilah Hasinah


  1. Hanif Mahpa
  2. Mohammad Fakhrul Radzi
  3. Muhammad Adib Zaidan


  1. Bariah Rosmawadi
  2. Anwar Rahmat
  3. Nur Fadhillah Mohd Azhar Lee


  1. Mohammad Zarif
  2. Muhammad Irfan Zainal
  3. Nur Afiqah
  4. Nur Musfirah Saiful Bahari
  5. Nurul Shuhada Shamsuddin


  1. Azizul Hafiz Haron
  2. Muhammad Azam Asri
  3. Sharifah Zulaiha Abdullah


  1. Abdul Majed Ahmed
  2. Hamza Bennazi
  3. Muhammad Abdullah Ali
  4. Murat Aydin
  5. Nabila Akhyar
  6. Saifullah
  7. Umar B. Qushem
  8. Mohammed Kamil Musab


  1. Mohd Hafizuddin
  2. Mohd Najmuddin
  3. Muhammad Yusuf Al-Bakri
  4. Nazreena Mohammed Yasin
  5. Wan Aida Liyana


  1. Abdul Rahman Abd Rahim
  2. Mohd Solihin
  3. Nur Faten Selina
  4. Siti Hajar


  1. Kaiyisah Nurulsyakur
  2. Nik Fatma Amirah
  3. Nizamuddin Arif

Students have been asked to cast their votes wisely on Polling Day (20 November), to choose a leader who will bring significant changes to the campus and campus life. As an eligible voter, each student will be rewarded 2 star points and book voucher, worth of 35% discount at IIUM Bookshop.

How to vote during the Poling Day? First, you need to show your student card, then a ballot paper will be given to you. The third step is vote for two Kulliyyah candidates and 5 international candidates. Finally, place your voting paper in the ballot box. ***

Photo courtesy of IIUM's home website

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