Caring Club Charity Dinner

by Norhakimah Hussein, Sociology, IRKHS

More then 300 people participated in the Caring Charity Dinner 2014 last Saturday, organized to raise funds for an orphanage as well as for the Caring Club.

Organized by the Caring Club IIUM in collaboration with Persatuan Mahasiswa Anak Terengganu UIAM (PERMATA), and IIUM Censerve Team, the event was attended by orphans, orphanage managers, Caring Club’s members, other association, others’ club members and also IIUM students.

Senior Assistant Director of Centre for University Social Responsibility (CENSERVE) and also YDP of Persatuan Mahasiswa Anak Terengganu (PERMATA UIAM) came as the honored guests during the event.

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The organizer of the event commented that by the will of Allah swt, everything went smoothly during the night and that he would like to give his deepest appreciation to all of the committees of Caring Charity Dinner 2014, and to those involved in Caring Carnival ’14.

Psychology student in attendance, Erna Lisa Jamaluddin, said that the fundraising dinner was appropriate with the slogan of Caring Club, “We Care We Share”, due to its fundraising intent for orphans. Another IIUM student, Nur Najihah Mohd Ridzuan, stated that she was so glad to be part of the attendees in that great and amazing dinne, as being able to see the orphans smile makes her very happy and excited.

While having the dinner, the attendees were entertained by performances from Ruzaini Saljuk and members of UNIC. The organizers of the event hope that they may produce better and proactive works in the future, and keep lending more hands to the needy.

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