IMC students illuminate PERTIS in exhibition

By, Aisyah Afreena Mohd Saidi and Farona Amel Grasine

Gombak, 21 December 2023: Today, students of the Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) course successfully organized a debut exhibition, known as the Exhibition of Empowering Persons with Disabilities through Entrepreneurship at IIUM Gombak campus. It was a collaboration between the IMC course, Communication Students’ Association (COSA), Support Association for Parents of Special Needs Students (SUPPORT) and eight organisations that focused on disabilities in Malaysia, including the Association of Visually Impaired Muslims Malaysia (PERTIS). The event featured booths at HS Square area, where PERTIS showcased its business and enlightened students on the organization’s uniqueness, in conjunction with the celebration of the International Day of Person with Disabilities 2024.

PERTIS is committed to enhancing the well-being and empowerment of visually impaired individuals in Malaysia who are Muslims. The organization tackles the distinct challenges faced by this community, by providing support, advocacy, and resources to improve its quality of life. PERTIS engages in educational programs, skills development, and community initiatives, aimed at fostering inclusion and accessibility for visually impaired individuals within Malaysia’s Islamic context. The collaboration underscored the event’s dedication to raising awareness and creating opportunities for empowerment in the disabled community. 

The PERTIS booth was met with a warm and enthusiastic welcome, drawing a diverse audience that included students, customers, and even lecturers from the IIUM. Noteworthy among these visitors was the presence of the Deputy Rector of Student Development and Community Engagement, Prof. Dr. Akmal Khuzairy bin Abdul Rahman. His visit was accompanied by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aida Mokhtar, the instructor of the IMC course, that marked the beginning of the exhibition’s remarkable opening. His esteemed presence added a distinguished touch, underlining the significance of the event and contributing to its overall success. The engagement of both students and respected faculty members reflected the broad appeal and positive impact of the exhibition on the university community.

During the event, there were a lot of students and lecturers who visited the PERTIS booth. PERTIS is led by Mr. Muhammad Faizal Bin Che Yusof. The big student turnout at the booth showed that they were extremely interested in the topic – learning how to read the Quran in braille. It was indeed a fun gathering for learning something new! The positive impact that can be seen from this event is the growing excitement and curiosity among students about how to read the Quran in braille.

PERTIS faces a challenge with its limited social media presence and the absence of a proper website showcasing its organisational profile. By being involved in the exhibition, it gave PERTIS the opportunity to unveil its charm, display its mission, and boost its cool factor. This event was more than just a gathering; it was PERTIS’ moment to shine and introduce itself to the world. It was a chance for people to learn about the organisation, its mission, and the location of its two branches in Kuala Lumpur. The first branch is located on Jernai Street, Medan Idaman Business Centre, Kuala Lumpur, and the second one is on Padang Belia Street, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur.

The exhibition that was a stepping stone for the organisation to broaden its reach and create lasting positive change. The IMC class’ initiative had not only empowered persons with disabilities but had also laid the foundation for future collaborations and endeavours in promoting inclusion and understanding of PwDs within the community.***

PERTIS organisation members explained the Quran in braille to visitors.

Prof. Dr. Akmal Khuzairy bin Abdul Rahman and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aida visited the PERTIS booth located in HS Square.***

(This article was written as the assignment for COMM3502: Corporate Writing.)