COMM FESTIVAL 2023: Festival ends on a high note

By Farhana Yusoff and Haidah Halid

GOMBAK, 15 May 2023: The Communication Raya Celebration was held on Friday (May 12) as the final wrap-up for the week-long Communication Festival 2023.

As many as 132 communication students attended the joyous occasion at the Human Sciences Square. The celebration had an open house concept, serving diverse foods from various cultures which was its main attraction. Along with that, the celebration was themed ‘Cultural diversity’, therefore students were encouraged to wear their best traditional clothes or their Raya clothes for the celebration.

To celebrate the festive occasion, multiple activities were held such as the anyam ketupat challenge which was participated by both Communication lecturers and students. Sr. Nurul Fatini Binti Ramli, a fourth-year student won first place, as the first participant to complete the process of weaving ketupat.

Besides that, a group of brothers of different years gave boy groups a run for their money with a performance fused with songs in Malay, English, and even poetry remixed into it. The group consisted of Br. Ahmad Razali, Br. Syed Muhammad Ajmal, Br. Muhammad Irfan Safwan, Br. Muhammad Fitrie Ali, Br. Hassyah Abiyyu and Br. Muhammad Zakiruddin.

Furthermore, a ‘Best Dressed’ event was also prepared by the organisers. Br. Muhammad Khaizir bin Yusop and Sr. Nurdini Aqila binti Mazlan won the award for the best dressed local students with Br. Hassyah Abiyyu winning the best dressed international student. 

“The Communication Raya Celebration went smoothly even though there were a few last-minute changes made but everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves with the performance, games, and the foods that we have prepared,” said the Head of Raya Committee, Sr. Nurul Fatin Nurdinie. 

She further reiterated that the theme was to integrate cultural elements, not only among Malays but also among international students. She added that ultimately, the main focus of this Raya Celebration was the food and decorations prepared by the students which helped portray the different cultural elements.

“I am happy that my fellow internship friends were excited to decorate their tables according to what I had planned in order to portray the cultural value in each table decoration. Above all, everyone seemed to have enjoyed their time and created beautiful memories. This is what I had expected, as this is the first Raya Celebration post-pandemic,” Sr. Nurul Fatin said. 

Interestingly, the event was also attended by retired lecturers such as Sir Aznan Mat Piah, Sir Amran Baharum, and Professor Dr. Saodah Wok. ***

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