Firstboard General Manager prepares IIUM students for internship

By Dafinanza Dafheri and Syafiah Sakirin

GOMBAK, 8 April 2023: The Secretariat of English Language and Literature (ELITS) organised an Intership Etiquette Workshop last week (1 April) featured the General Manager of Firstboard Sdn Bhd, Mr. Joseph Toh, that prepared students to better represent themselves in the industry.

“This workshop’s exposure is necessary because students are usually clueless on what to expect and tend to make certain errors in securing an internship,” said the Head of the Department of English Language and Literature (DELL), Dr Tanja Jonid, in her opening speech. 

Mr. Joseph Toh, as the speaker of the workshop, explained that students can do their internship in various places in the country, but the students must improve themselves first. 

“They must have the desire to learn, acquire the right skills, and display positive enhancement so that the industry and the company are interested in accepting their application for internship,” he underlined. 

Mr. Toh emphasized that the first thing students must know after their graduation is about themselves, their dreams, their passion, and their plan. 

“They must do research within the industry, location, culture, and careers before applying for their jobs while ensuring the interview session is secured,” he added.

“The photograph on your resume can show your professionalism, your smile shows that you’re confident, highlighting your skills and experiences on your resume shows you fit the position and a neat resume design helps you create an easy to read layout,” he highlighted. 

He also shared crucial points about the interview where students must study the company and they must be responsive towards internship offers to answer any questions correctly. 

“During the interview, students must be on time, wear proper clothing, stay focused, ask questions, follow up in response to the interview and never stop searching for another company or industry,” he said.

He also emphasized on the importance of having certain skills to practice professionalism when applying for any position or company which are:

  1. Good time management
  2. Good focus
  3. Good reporting skills
  4. Good communication skills
  5. A positive attitude

According to Mr. Toh, students can improve themselves in six major points respectively:

  1. Accepting challenges
  2. Planning ahead
  3. Getting results
  4. Reviewing the results
  5. Self reflecting
  6. Making improvements

“When you get the opportunity to join any company, please avoid gossipping as it can lead to miscommunication, instead you should share more ideas to validate and improve yourself as well as the company,” he advised.

The workshop was also attended by representatives from RiseMalaysia.My, that are focused on collaborating with corporate companies to provide information, training programs, events, and conferences to empower young Malaysians while boosting corporate brands.

The Workshop ended at 11:30 pm, followed by a question-and-answer (QnA) session with the students and a photography session.***

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