PPZ-MAIWP empowers zakat among IIUM students through Educational Jihad

By Athira ABD Latiff

GOMBAK, 23 March 2023: The Zakat Collection Center – Federal Territories Islamic Religious Council (PPZ-MAIWP) embarked on its fourth Educational Jihad series in alliance with the International Islamic University of Malaysia last Friday (17 March) that empowered the spirit of zakat among IIUM students.

Officiated by the Chairman of PPZ-MAIWP, Tan Sri Dr. Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman, a total of RM119,000 was donated to the IIUM for 200 asnaf students in an effort to expand the spirit of zakat among students and educators of tertiary institutions, while also addressing the welfare of asnaf students by allocating funds that would meet their needs throughout their studies.

IIUM.FM received a visit and a financial contribution of RM1,000 from Abdul Aziz under the objective of the Educational Jihad series “to instill the spirit and a sense of volunteerism among students and zakat payers through the endowment”.

“Our hope through this program is to call for more zakat payers from among educators to pay zakat so that it is channeled to asnaf students,” he said during the visit to IIUM.FM

This is evident through PPZ-MAIWP’s RM1,000 contribution to IIUM.FM to empower the spirit of zakat among students by sustaining a “medium to approach students, educators, and staffs at tertiary institutions in a targeted manner to enhance the relationship between students, the community, and the zakat payers,” he emphasized.

Abdul Aziz further underlined the significance of the mind and well-being of tertiary education students and young leaders of the future to be empowered by zakat as a result of continued practice for students to contribute and pay zakat as well in the future.

As this cooperation is expected to continue in the future, Abdul Aziz hoped that this initiative of zakat can slowly eradicate social issues such as impoverty among asnaf students and the community as an important element in helping more zakat recipients, especially among IIUM students and staff in encouraging zakat among educational groups. 

PPZ-MAIWP through the zakat holder fund, also presented the total financial donations of RM119,000 to IIUM for 50 final-year asnaf students to complete their Final Year Project, Mahabbah Food Coupon, IIUM Mahabbah Food Bank, Iftar Ramadan Coupon, IIUM’s Soup Kitchen and IIUM’s Sultan Haji Ahmad Mosque.***

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