“Thriving in the scary adulthood with Allah’s guidance” – Maisarah

By Sarah Rashdi

GOMBAK, 19 August 2022: “As long as we are with Allah, we will succeed,” said Maisarah Lukman in her valedictorian speech in the 11th session of the 37th Convocation Ceremony yesterday morning (18 August).

According to Maisarah, without textbooks as guidance, every day becomes new and unreadable, and the life journey becomes rough and unpredictable.

“The world of adulthood is unknown as there is no course outline to structure our life, no CGPA to evaluate our performance, and no lecturers to add on that one last mark,” she said.

Maisarah shared a quote by Sebastian from The Little Mermaid, “The human world, it’s a mess,” to describe how daunting the future can be.

As the days go by, life will actually become more and more difficult because going up means going uphill. However, Muslims are blessed with Islam as guidance and Allah as the sole Protector and Helper in all situations.

She reminded her fellow graduates of the struggle that they experienced in the final semester and the struggle to secure employment during the global recession that happened not by accident but due to the decree of Allah. She further added that “life is a test, so regard it as one”.

She shared another famous quote from Rumi that sounds, “When the world pushes you to your knees, you are in the perfect position to pray.”

“So, kneel and bow your head to Allah until your forehead touches the ground. Regardless of the situation that you are currently facing, turn to Allah and seek help from Him. ”

Maisarah also quoted from Surah At-Taubah, verse 129, that says Allah alone is sufficient, and in Him, she puts her trust.

Before ending her speech, she took a moment to appreciate her parents as they are the key to her success, the ones who give her unconditional support, care, and understanding.***

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