Takreem 2022: “Our success made meaningful by work of everyone involved”

By Farradiba

GOMBAK, 11 June 2022 – The tagline “For the student, by the student” has always been the spirit chanted by student leaders.

Flaming with this passion, three student bodies of the Abdul Hamid AbuSulayman Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences won the Outstanding Student Society category awards at the Takreem 2022 held yesterday.

Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences Students’ Society (IRKHSSS) won Gold Award, Psychology Student Association (PSYCSTA) Silver while Arabic Language and Literature Society (ALA) Bronze.

Anas Hayyan, President of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences Students’ Society (IRKHSSS) 20/21, who received Gold Award, told IIUMToday that the substance of the award goes to the spirit and recognition of the society’s responsibilities.

Emphasising the responsibility of giving back to the community, Anas believed that the society that he was heading had succeeded in looking after the welfare of the students and in contributing towards achieving holistic development of the kulliyyah in terms of discipline and education.

Meanwhile, Nur Farhana, the President of Secretariat of Psychology 20/21 as the recipient of the Silver Award shared that the essence of their achievement lies in the society applying their expertise and knowledge of psychology (which they have learned) to assist the students with their problems faced.  

” We have conducted most of our programmes according to our niche for example concentrating on mental health,” Farhana highlighted.

However, both representatives of the student bodies who received the awards shared their disappointment on the absence of face-to-face interaction during their whole tenure.

Anas said that throughout the tenure, they were working online as a result of which there were less opportunities for them to interact physically and several programmes they had in mind were hampered from taking place.

This statement was supported by Farhana who said that the absence of physical interaction had resulted in certain obstacles such as the lack of participation since they could not engage directly with the students and the community.

Both Anas and Farhana advised the current and upcoming student leaders to cultivate the spirit of wisdom and high conscientiousness. Farhana added that it is very important for the leader to show their responsibilities as a good leader on being a good leader by being organised because managing oneself and others is not an easy task.

The two student leaders also expressed their heartfelt congratulations and gratitude to all the people who had been working closely together with them on their journey. They believed that what makes the award even more meaningful is that it was the result of everyone’s contribution and effort.***

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