Ahmed Lutfi wants Student Union to be financially stable

By Siti Solehah

GOMBAK, MAY 27, 2022: Ahmed Lutfi, the candidate for IIUM Student Union (IIUMSU), has unveiled his manifesto, which is motivated by the desire to see the union achieve financial stability.

The Bachelor of Sociology and Anthropology fourth year first semester student explained that he wants to fully utilise his platform to find funding and scholarships for the union.

Lutfi emphasises that his goal is for the union to be financially self-sufficient. The vision, on the other hand, is to provide business opportunities for all IIUM students in order for them to develop a business mindset and “become our own leader in earning our own income,” he said.

Lutfi stated that his experience as a member of the IIUM Student Union during his last tenure under the Office of the President, as well as being a member of the IRKHS Student Society for two tenures, has provided him the conviction to be a member of the Office of Entrepreneurship and Corporate Relations.

Two of Lutfi’s manifestos are further elaborated below:

To have financial stability so IIUM Student Union’s financial status keeps on improving

The union has always struggled to be financially self-sufficient. As a result, we must focus more on forming collaborations; by doing so, the union will maintain a connection with the outside world. As a result, with a connection, funds and scholarships are easily accessible.

To provide business opportunities for the people of IIUM

The prior tenure of Student Union sold products, and it is hoped that we can increase sales by expanding the product line. We would also like to provide a larger platform for IIUM students to promote their businesses.

When asked about his feelings about winning uncontested, Lutfi stated, “Many seats are won uncontested, including my seat. However, even if it is defined and perceived as an easy win, we must still achieve the goal of increasing the financial status of the IIUM Student Union.”

A good leader, in Lutfi’s opinion, is rare, and leadership is one of the best skills for understanding people. The prophet, for example, is an example of good leadership because he knows how to approach and understand the people. Leaders should also bring people together so that he/she can keep them united.

Before completing the interview, Lutfi was asked about his thoughts on male dominance in society. He responded that there is a lot of male dominance in which men are taking over offices. 

He then added, ” In my opinion, both men and women are needed in an organisation, and at IIUM, both men and women are motivated to become leaders. As can be seen, many women are running in elections; for example, we have a woman running for the presidency.”

Polling day for the Student Union election 2022 has been set on Saturday (28 May). ***

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