Unveiling what’s common in the manifestos of candidates for ISD Office

By Sarah Rashdi

GOMBAK, 27 May 2022: Norfatin Najwa and Hayatul Hafiza, who won uncontested for the seat of Islamisation and Student Development (ISD) in the IIUMSU 2022 election, speak on some vital points on realising their manifestos to further hone the student’s social skills.

Norfatin Najwa’s concern towards enhancing the student’s skills

Fatin Najwa’s manifestos

The first candidate, Norfatin Najwa, a third year and first semester student from AbdulHamid AbuSulaiman Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge (AHAS KIRKHS), expressed her concern in regards to the state of leadership and soft skills programmes in IIUM. 

“I’m concerned with the current state of leadership skills programmes in IIUM and that’s why I want to have my manifesto to be realistic and achievable,” she said. 

She emphasizes in her first manifesto, the importance of learning the art of effective communication and interpersonal skills as it will help in ensuring the students’ works to run smoothly. 

In her second manifesto, she aims to introduce IIUM Da’wah Council (IDC) in a wide scale in order to expose the students into deep discussion about Islamic related matters. This will allow for a more comprehensive discussion and decision making in Islamisation and Da’wah effort for the students.

“I dare to say that some students are still unaware of the importance of having IDC. Its establishment was done by previous tenure and I will continue using IDC as a medium to syncronise any da’wah programmes that share similar objectives to achieve wider audience and avoid redundancy,” she added. 

Hayatul Hafiza on improving self-marketability using soft skills 

Hayatul Hafiza’s manifestos

Meanwhile, the second candidate of ISD Office, Hayatul Hafiza, a third year and second semester student from Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Laws (AIKOL), shared her plan to improve self-marketability through enhancing students’ hidden soft skills. 

“With the current market needs, I believe it is essential to help the students market themselves better when they are searching for jobs later,” she said. 

She highlighted in her first manifesto that many graduates are facing the difficulties to manage their thoughts and materials in conducting effective communication. 

“Students should have confidence, enough preparation and knowledge on how to organise materials in managing public speaking so that they can communicate better and excel during their interview.” 

For her second manifesto, she plans to increase IIUM communities’ awareness regarding the global issues that are related with Muslim ummah. 

“I believe we should encourage the students to be concerned with Muslim issue and do not be afraid to voice out your opinion on that matter.” 

She shared her plan to empower the symposium that based on current and global issues related to the ummah and wants to find the way to conduct it properly with the assistance from IDC.

Both candidates insisted on initiating manifestos that will optimise the students’ potential especially in the aspect of their leadership and soft skills in order to be impactful towards the society.

They also plan to give exposure to IDC towards the students in order to increase their awareness about global and current Islamic matters.***

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