Notice of IIUM Student Union Election 2022

By Balqis Asrof

GOMBAK, 23 April  2022: The IIUM Student Union Election Commission 22/23 had issued a notice regarding the IIUM Student Union Election 2022 on Friday (22 April) which conveyed an important announcement regarding the upcoming election. 

The notice was presented by IIUMSU Election Commission Chairman, Nabil Haziq Bin Yazid.

He stated that the voting shall be conducted by all campuses for the Central Seat which are the President seat, Secretary seat and Treasurer seat.

The number of seats to be contested as follows:

Central Seat

i. President ( 1 Seat )

ii. Secretary ( 1 Seat )

iii. Treasurer ( 1 Seat )

General Seat

i. Deputy President I ( 1 Seat )

ii. Deputy President II ( 1 Seat )

iii. Deputy President III ( 1 Seat )

iv. Vice President I ( 1 Seat )

v. Vice President II ( 1 Seat )

vi. Assistant Secretary I ( 1 Seat )

vii. Assistant Secretary II ( 1 Seat )

viii. Assistant Treasurer I ( 1 Seat )

ix. Assistant Treasurer II ( 1 Seat )

Kuliyyah Constituency

i. Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Laws ( 1 Seat )

ii. Kulliyyah of Architecture and Environmental Design ( 1 Seat )

iii. Kulliyyah of Economics and Management Sciences ( 1 Seat )

iv. Kulliyyah of Education ( 1 Seat )

v. Kulliyyah of Engineering ( 1 Seat )

vi. Kulliyyah of Information and Communication Technology ( 1 Seat )

vii. Kulliyyah of AHAS IRKHS

a) Islamic Revealed Knowledge ( 1 Seat )

b) Human Sciences ( 1 Seat )

viii. Kulliyyah of Languages and Management ( 1 Seat )

ix. Kulliyyah of Allied Health Science ( 1 Seat )

x. Kulliyyah of Dentistry ( 1 Seat )

xi. Kulliyyah of Medicine ( 1 Seat )

xii. Kulliyyah of Nursing ( 1 Seat )

xiii. Kulliyyah of Pharmacy ( 1 Seat )

xiv. Kulliyyah of Science ( 1 Seat )

Total seats: 27

There would be one seat contested for every category that includes the Central Seat, General Seat and the Kulliyyah Constituency except AbdulHamid AbuSulayman Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences (AHAS KIRKHS), where there would be two seats to be contested, one seat for Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and one seat for Kulliyyah of Human Sciences.

Nabil further highlighted the rules of the nomination and election.


The candidate(s) for the Central Seat, General Seat, and Kulliyyah Constituency must be a full-time, active, registered student of IIUM and a member of the IIUM Student Union. The candidate(s) for the Kulliyyah Constituency must also be active, full-time, registered student(s) in their respective kulliyyah.


Candidate(s) for the Central Seat and General Seat shall be voted by all of the registered voters of IIUM while for the Kulliyyah Constituency, candidate(s) shall be voted only by registered voters of the respective kulliyyah.

The detailed requirement of an eligible nominee who can participate in the IIUM Student Union Election can be further read in the full notice statement.

These are the important dates announced by the Election Commission:

25 April 2022: Availability of the nomination form on the IIUM SU Election Commission Link-Tree and other social media.

29 April 2022: Nomination Day

21 May 2022: Polling Day

The finalised number of eligible voters for IIUM SU Election 2022 is 14,884. Any amendments shall not be considered. Students were advised to check their voting eligibility on the Official Website of IIUM SU’s official website or access it through IIUM SU Election Commission’s Link Tree.

The IIUM SU Election 2022 would be conducted using i-Tasweet as the official e-voting platform used in the previous election.

The event was broadcast live using YouTube and Facebook and also live face to face at Classroom, Wadi Budi at 3:15 p.m.

Visit these platforms for more updates and inquiries regarding the IIUM SU Election:




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