BECS organises bus trips for ‘Balik Kampung’ to celebrate Aidil Fitri

By Dhiya Damia Zuhairul

GOMBAK, 14 April 2022: In conjunction with the coming Hari Raya Aidil Fitri holidays, the Bachelor of Economics Council Society (BECS) is organising “Jom Balik Kampung” bus trips that will take students to their hometowns within Peninsular Malaysia from Gombak campus to celebrate the festive occasion with their family members.

“BECS Jom Balik Kampung” programme is the society’s initiative at fundraising while serving the students where the bus trips are arranged to ferry students to several states like Kelantan, Terengganu, and Johor.

For each state that is listed so far, only one bus will be booked first, depending on the first come, first serve basis.

The Chairperson of BECS, Irsyadi bin Ismail said, “If there’s a good demand from the students, we can try to arrange for another bus for them because we’re quite flexible.”

The trip will use a tour bus, high-deck type that is designed to be comfortable for the long trip, and for this Ramadan, some refreshments will be provided at night.

“We’re working hard to provide the best service for the students. In addition, the trip will be conducted on 28 April a day before the mid-semester vacation begins.

“I got this idea last semester during one of my entrepreneurship classes with Dr. Olin but the idea was not feasible last semester due to COVID-19,” Irsyadi said.

Asked how his team handled this programme since buses are not catered for by the IIUM management, Irsyad said, “In recent months, I got to know this guy from the transportation sector who was offering a lot of transportation services including the chartering services.”

“The bus trips do not only serve the aforementioned states, if there is a good response from the students to other states, the committees will provide the transportation as we are quite flexible as we aim to serve students from marginalised families.”

“Some might think that the prices that we brought are kind of expensive. Frankly speaking, if the price is too expensive, students can appeal to us as it’s our first time in the market, and we are really open to flexibility,” Irsyad added.

He further said that a lot of seats are still available for trips to Terengganu,

For more information, students can refer to posters available in BECS WhatsApp group, Telegram and Instagram at @becs.council. ***

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