Hardship not an obstacle for Puteri Mariam Diana to stand tall

By Nurin Najmina Zaidi

GOMBAK, 18 March 2022: Regardless of hardships that she faced, Puteri Mariam Diana binti Ahmad Mosadik, a graduate of Bachelor of Human Sciences in Political Science still managed to receive Best Student Academic Award.

The graduate from AbdulHamid AbuSulayman Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences (AHAS KIRKHS) received the Award at the 9th Session of 36th IIUM Convocation Ceremony on Wednesday (16 March).

Speaking to IIUMToday, she shared: “My first impression after receiving the award is expressing my deepest gratitude to Allah SWT, and from here I have achieved ultimate happiness.”

She said that she, however, did not expect to win this award.

Sharing her experience as an IIUM student, Puteri Mariam Diana described her undergraduate journey as bittersweet full of ups and downs.

“First, I lost my beloved father which was two weeks before my final exam and it just so happened that all subjects are difficult for me,” she said.

She also shared that it was quite difficult for her to study as she lived outside the campus. She took the bus and always came back late. All the while, she was taking care of her father when he was really sick.

She also went to Information Technology Division (ITD) every day to finish her assignments as she did not have a laptop. Hence, it was also the reason why she always arrived at her home late aside from waiting for two buses.

However, she managed to buy a laptop eventually when she became a secondary school temporary teacher during short semester.

“Above all, I am thankful to Allah, with these obstacles, I become Mariam,” she stated.

Her intention to study also comes from herself other than her parents. She also offered advice to the students to not only focus on getting a string of A’s.

“Focus on the light when you get to know something,” she highlighted.

Other than that, Puteri Mariam Diana also emphasised on managing one’s lifestyle, time, and stress. She also mentioned to pay attention to the wisdom being told.

“I always believed, the reason to get my degree is not because of merely wanting to get a job but most important is the wisdom you get from the lecturers in class,” she mentioned.

Furthermore, she said it is important to respect the people around you and also to not let people use you.

“I have been there many times. Thus, don’t repeat my mistake. Cut off negative friends and create a healthy circle and put more hope and love instead of competition and negativity,” she added.

After the convocation, she plans to focus more on creating little moments that are unforgettable in her life.***

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