Have faith as IIUM graduates, says Najihah

By Hidayah Sahrunizam

GOMBAK, 15 March 2022: Although we have graduated from this university, it does not mean that all our struggles and hardships have ended, said the Best Student in co-curricular of Kulliyyah of Engineering, Najihah Hakimah Binti Abdullah.

Delivering her valedictorian speech during the 6th session of the 36th IIUM Convocation Ceremony on Monday afternoon, Najihah emphasised the importance of having faith in Almighty Allah’s plan, quoting the verses in surah al-Insyirah, “For indeed with hardship will be ease. Indeed, with hardship will be ease.”

“So brothers and sisters, hang in there. Allah knows of your hardships. He knows your struggle, He hears your prayers. Have faith in Him because everything is all according to His plan,” Najihah added.

She reminds her fellow graduates to always reflect on the difficult times that they have faced in the past and how they manage to overcome them whenever they confront a challenging situation later in life.

“I have faith that all of you here will be able to succeed no matter where you are, be here in Malaysia, or even across the globe, because we are IIUM graduates,” she encouraged.

Najihah continued her speech by reminiscing the memories that she had experienced throughout the four-year study.

“I will always cherish the experiences I have had here, both good and bad. From the first time I stepped into the classroom, to the stressful pre-reg sessions we had up to 2 a.m. But what I will miss the most is the taste of nuggets from cafe engineering.”

Taking the opportunity, Najihah also thanked the lecturers and coaches for all their guidance and the knowledge they have imparted to the students.

She further expressed her utmost gratitude to both her parents, husband, in-laws, and friends for the great support and du’a.

“They are the backbone of my success today. May Allah bless and overflow the joy for them, in the world and in the hereafter.”

The inspiring speech ended with uplifting words: “We have done it. Now we can finally call ourselves IIUM graduates, Alhamdulillah” ***

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