Family visit and reunion dinner allowed during CNY

By Nazifa Ramailan

PUTRAJAYA, 24 January 2022: Standard operating procedures (SOP) for Chinese New Year (CNY) has been issued on 19 January in which it has been agreed that family reunion dinners and visits are permitted.

According to Minister of National Unity, Datuk Halimah Mohamed Sadique, family dining event for this year’s celebration is not going to be similar to last year as it was restricted to only 15 relatives residing not more than 10 kilometres.

However, Datuk Halimah said that open house is still disallowed but Chinese New Year reception is granted with the condition of only 50 percent of space capacity.

Reception to be convened by any corporation and association has to be done in the hall or restaurant instead of in open area. The ceremony is not to be held continuously like open house.

“Only invited guests are consented to attend the ceremony and there will be no second round after the end of dining session, the Minister of National Unity told the press conference, which was also attended by Minister of Transport, Datuk Seri Dr. Wee Ka Siong.

Datuk Halimah said that the praying ceremony at houses of worship on 1 and 2 February is conceded as per National Recovery Plan Phase 4 SOP, apart from ‘Hokkien Clan’ special prayers on 8 and 9 February as well as religious rituals at respective home yard.

Devotees are also allowed to perform Chap Goh Mei prayer at worship places on 15 February in accordance with SOPs.

Also permitted are lion, dragon and tiger dance performances which are subjected to creative industry SOP.

The SOP is prepared for the safety of the community and the believers,” Datuk Halimah said, hoping that the festival will be celebrated with joy in a safe atmosphere.

Meanwhile, Datuk Seri Dr. Wee pointed out that this year’s celebration is much more flexible unlike last year where most of the activities and religious rituals were performed at home.

“These SOPs have been thoroughly discussed in three meetings involving various important parties,” he further remarked.

Dr. Wee, who is also the president of Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA), said that the party will be organising Chinese New Year reception but only involves limited invitations. ***

Source: Harian Metro

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