Kind Malaysian man brings joy to children affected by floods

By Nik Nayly

KUALA LUMPUR, 20 January 2022: Amir Effendi Abd Rahim has brought joy to many kids affected by the recent floods by gifting them with brand new toys, Malay Mail reported.

One of the toy recipients was the little boy who had gone viral after losing his toy robot due to the floods.

Amir Effendi from Kota Damansara said that many other children were deeply affected after their toys were destroyed by flood waters and they did not have anything to play with.

“I started the crowdfunding initiative before the floods and on 20 December last year, I went to the flood-hit areas such as Taman Sri Muda and Hulu Langat to distribute the toys.

“Many young ones were also surprised to receive brand-new toys because most of the time, it was food and other basic necessities being channelled to the families.

“And it’s a nice thing to see children being happy lining up for their toys because it makes them happy.”

He said the toys were distributed to children irrespective of race and religion.

Some of the toys given to the children are hot wheels, nerf guns, action figures, dolls and kitchen playsets for the girls.

The 44-year-old kind-hearted man initially started his own crowdfunding campaign in 2019 known as “Toys For A Cause” to give toys to unfortunate children and children diagnosed with cancer.

But with the COVID-19 pandemic, his usual plans of distributing toys on a monthly basis came to a halt and only resumed last year.

“I’m trying to head to Johor and other states apart from the Klang Valley to distribute toys to the children.

“I am also getting more information from friends in other villages and whoever can help transport the toys from one place to another.

“I’m glad my crowdfunding initiative has helped in the recent flood situation ― the happiness that you see on a child’s face once getting a toy is priceless,” he said. ***

Source: Malay Mail

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