Prime Minister commits to assist Rohana’s stateless plight

By Amirah binti Salhuddin

KUALA LUMPUR, 17 January 2022: Prime Minister, Dato’ Sri Ismail Sabri Yaakob has given his commitment to assist Rohana Abdullah with her documentation.

Bernama reported that Prime Minister’s press secretary, Asyraf Afnan Ahmad Murtadza, shared a video clip of Prime Minister’s pledge to help Rohana on his social media account.

Ismail Sabri is seen in his vehicle contacting Rohana to find out about her citizenship problems. 

The Prime Minister said he found out about Rohana’s difficulties from news reports about her. Rohana was brought up by kindergarten teacher Chee Hoi Lan after being abandoned as a two-month old baby some 22 years ago.

He thanked Chee for her loving care of Rohana and taking extra measures to ensure her religious upbringing.

Meanwhile, in an interview with Free Malaysia Today, Rohana said that she had been denied citizenship because her father, a Malaysian, had left when she was little.

Her Indonesian mother, a domestic helper at the kindergarten where Chee worked, had abandoned her when she returned to her home country.

Rohana was also heard thanking the Prime Minister. 

Rohana Abdullah with her adoptive mother, Chee Hoi Lan, who was working as a teacher in a kindergarten.

The Prime Minister said that his officer would contact the National Registration Department to assist with Rohana’s documentation. 

“If there is any (development) later, my officer will contact you,” he said in the video.

Rohana had experienced anxiety due to the fact that she had to drop out of school because she did not have identification documents. 

Ismail Sabri also thanked Chee for providing Rohana with an Islamic religious education even though she is of a different religion. 

“InsyaAllah, for the sake of Rohana’s future, I will assist her in getting her citizenship and identity card. To Chee Hoi Lan, thank you … best regards from me for taking care of Rohana with boundless love,” he said. ***

Source: Bernama and Free Malaysia Today

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