Women must try to pursue higher studies, says Soon Wincci

By Annisa Mirandasari

KUALA LUMPUR, 4 January 2022: Women were called upon to pursue higher education as this would allow them to be exposed to greater opportunities in life.

Former Miss World Malaysia, Dr. Soon Wincci made this call when sharing her thought in the latest episode of “Girls Out Loud” over IIUMTV on Monday (3 January) when discussing the importance of women in pursuing higher studies.

Asked for her sincere opinion if she thought women should pursue for post-graduate degrees, Wincci replied emphatically, “If you have the opportunity, go for it.” 

She said a degree is not everything but it is a token that allows women to be exposed to more opportunities adding that postgraduate education is the most affordable way to gain knowledge as students are surrounded by knowledgeable and inspiring people.

“When I joined Miss World, I had a vision to push for beauty pageant to seek for higher education and it worked.

“It’s not about being left behind, it’s about how much you can bring to the table,” Soon Wincci explained. 

Responding to a question about having a CGPA less than or barely above 3.0, Wincci said, “To make up (for a low CGPA), you can equip yourself with work achievements in your work.” 

“Like resumes nowadays, it’s not about looking great in one section, but you need to have several sections, such as volunteering work and so on,” Wincci further said.

On the perception of achieving success without a degree, Wincci responded: “What comes quickly will eventually leave quickly.”

“More knowledge will enable you to have more long-term sustainable wealth, and those who do more will go further,” she remarked.

To another question on the importance of informal education, Wincci replied: “PhD students are encouraged to learn from multiple teachers or gurus to improve on their knowledge.” 

“You will recognise who is right for you and who isn’t when you learn from many people,” she said.

Wincci also shared her thoughts on how young people can be more motivated to learn new things and continue their education.

“Don’t let your age limit you because what truly matters is what’s inside you.”

She called on the listeners to ask themselves this question – “Did I challenge myself for the future?” She also advised them not to be afraid to go the extra mile.

Wincci summed up, “I sincerely hope to see more Malaysian women thrive on a global scale,” adding that “We must thrive in the right way; it will be difficult, but we’ll get there in the end.”

Girls Out Loud’s Episode 7 titled “Beauty with Brain”, featuring Dr. Soon Wincci, was held on YouTube Live for about 40 minutes and received an average of 171 views. The entire broadcast is available at https://youtu.be/n2sBIuwZW-4.***

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