Quran Week 6.0 delivers new insight into knowledge of the Quran

By Aini Nabilah Sharipuddin

GOMBAK, 21 December 2021: A special performance by a 6-year-old, as the first winner of Kids Quran Hour Competition, managed to touch the hearts of the audience during the closing ceremony of the Quranic Week 6.0 (Quwe) on Sunday night (19 December).

Azalea Teja shared the stories about the Prophet’s Noah and ark

The event took place on Zoom and Facebook platforms from 13 until 19 December with various series of talks to promote and uphold the spirit of love towards the Quran among the IIUM students and the public including children. 

Jam’iyyatu Khadamatil Quran (JKQ-IIUM) is the catalyst for this initiative to encourage the Muslims as a whole to gain more knowledge about the Quran. They took a collaborative approach with private institutions to prove the Quran’s role as a compass and a guide in all of life.

It is able to instl a learning, an understanding, and an application of the Quran’s message in their daily lives by targeting people of all ages, particularly children so they have a better understanding of the implicit and explicit meaning of the Quran.

A three-year-old event also succeeded in holding a tadabbur discussion about the Quran’s best known adventure chronology of Prophet’s Moses and Bani Israel. 

It was delivered by Ustaz Syaari bin Abdul Rahman, the founder of Paradigma Ibrah Sdn Bhd, a well known Tadabbur centre. 

Overall, the JKQ-IIUM Club endeavours to find the best speakers for each slot so that participants can get the most useful information from the programmes’ contents. It is for everyone who attends to obtain meaningful additional knowledge and deep understanding towards His Revelation. 

The ceremony also featured the champion of the Musabaqah Hafazan reciter, Shahrul Hanifi bin Shahrul Yusri. ***

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