School philosophy and culture building is a good start

By Ma Wenxiao

Educational philosophy is the value judgment and basic view of “what is education”, and the correct educational philosophy is the basic premise and guarantee for school management and school development.

Educational concepts are ideologically oriented. It cultivates teachers and students in the school in the form of a cultural atmosphere, a spiritual force, a value expectation, and a rational goal.

To run a high-level school facing the world well, rational thinking about school development is necessary.

For schools, there must be the “leadership” of the principal’s educational thoughts and ideas, followed by the school’s administrative management. This is because education is a worthwhile job that affects the growth of people’s hearts and minds, and schools are also a place for spiritually inspired education.

The High School affiliated to Peking University runs a school in Guangzhou, China. Guangzhou is a city with a strong commercial and cultural atmosphere and a frontier city of reform and opening. The education level is relatively developed, and the education market is gradually mature.

The school has achieved leapfrog development in the fierce market competition covering all sections of teaching.

People often say: Standing on the shoulders of giants, we see higher and farther. After many years of accumulation and deliberation, the mature and young school is ready to go.

As people’s desire for knowledge is higher and higher, the demand for education and school philosophy and culture is also higher and higher.

We all know that a good school must have a good cultural concept and culture, right?

We are the educated, or educators. We should pay great attention to the formation of students’ ideological qualities.

Knowing grace and courtesy is our most basic understanding of life. Knowing everything that this world has given us is not only from parents, but the teachers who have taught us knowledge and wisdom, as well as the partners and friends who have grown up together. Sunrise and sunset, flowers, insects and fish.

Gratitude is the theme of life, so we should treat each other with courtesy, cultivate ourselves, improve ourselves, and become a community of shared destiny that lives in harmony with everything in the world.

Our greatest wish is to pass on our understanding of life, not only to students, but also to families.

The school pays attention to the study of traditional Chinese culture. In addition to the national curriculum, it incorporates “knowledge of grace and courtesy” into the school’s education and teaching system, and gradually implements it.

We know that a civilised country that can continue to develop for thousands of years must have its spiritual core.

The school incorporates traditional festivals, ancient poems, idioms, and famous sentences into the school-based curriculum so that students can be infiltrated by the sage’s thoughts.

Meng Jiao’s “the cord of a kind mother, the wandering man’s shirt”, Bai Juyi’s “send the king and grandson again, linger with other affection”, “the gentleman carries things with virtue” in the “Book of Changes”, etc. These verses not only carry China.

The most beautiful language of culture still expresses the most idiosyncratic thoughts of the Chinese: sincerity, gratitude and tolerance. Only by consciously inheriting and continuously carrying forward these excellent cultures can the future of students be achieved.

The purpose of education is originally for the development of people. The core of the humanistic spirit is to pay attention to people’s living conditions and their development space.

Schools should teach students useful things throughout their lives. The point of view that heroes are judged by success or failure and heroes by gold medals is wrong now. The most important thing is to teach some students what is really useful in their lifetime.

The biggest difference between the dead and the living is that the spirit of the dead no longer exists. Although some people are alive, they are not good enough to live and die, just like the dead.

Of course, we must pay attention to the spirit, let people continue to feel success, continue to believe in themselves, challenge themselves, and go from one success to another.

In other words, the school cultural concept is important for the institution to receive support to provide training to solve poverty and other disadvantages caused by the past.

Therefore, when introducing new cultural ideas, we must ensure that they all get people’s attention.***

(This article is written as part of feature writing exercise for Corporate Writing class)

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