Wan Nisrina is future leader of Secretariat of Communication

By Hidayah Sahrunizam

Donald McGannon who is often called an iconoclast once said that leadership is an action, not a position. It is undeniably true since leaders are meant to bring the voice of others while empowering everyone to have the same opportunity. 

In the context of university level, students’ leaders are the ones who have the ability to act as the main medium for students to channel their voice, to make sure their matters will be heard. 

Following the Election of AbdulHamid AbuSulayman Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge (AHAS KIRKHS), they has announced that there are candidates from the Council of Chairperson who won uncontested, and one of the candidates is from the Secretariat of Communication, Wan Nisrina Binti Wan Muzafar Shah.

Wan Nisrina is a third-year student, currently holding the position as Vice President 1 of the Communication Student Association (COSA). Being active in COSA since 2019 in her first year of studies, Nisrina can reaffirm her credibility as future leader since she has gained much experience throughout her tenure. 

IIUMToday has managed to have an exclusive interview with Wan Nisrina to further explain her manifesto and prove her reliability as a candidate who is representing the voice of every IIUM Communication student.

Following are the manifesto that was presented:

  • To assist students especially communication students in academic matters

Aiming to expose students with a clear specialisation area, Nisrina came out with her first plan which is to make good use of COSA’s social media. Nisrina said that she is aware of the common problems related with academic matters faced by communication students. 

“I noticed that most of the first-year students sometimes have difficulties in deciding what subjects they should take first, and what electives are suitable to be taken for the semester. Not only that, the students are also unclear on what they should do if the class sections that they want are closed.”

“Therefore, I’m planning on making a tutorial video (step-by-step) on how to register the subjects, and post them on our social media,” explained Nisrina, while highlighting that COSA’s social media plays a vital role in the issue. 

Nisrina also pointed out that many communication students are not aware of the importance of the mentor-mentee program, which has been mentioned during Communication Academic Briefing (CAB) every semester. 

“There are some students who do not even know who their mentor is,” she added.

To improve the situation, Nisrina told IIUMToday that she will ask for help from the academic advisor of the Communication department, Dr. Tengku Siti Aisha Binti Tengku Mohd Azzman Shariffadeen to re-share the students’ list of name as well as their respective mentor, to be posted on COSA’s social media.

Nisrina also emphasised the importance of their social media, saying that it may increase student engagement because the platform can reach many people and it is more convenient since students can watch the video and information posted at any time and from any place.

  • Expose students with the necessary skills for future employment in the communication work field

Given that the student’s associations under the Communication department can help students in polishing up their skills, IIUMToday inquired about the plans to expose students with the related societies.

As a response to the question, Nisrina said that she aspires to collaborate with the societies, namely IIUMtv IIUM.fm, IIUMToday, and IPRMSA. Her plan is to bring together the members of each society’s alumni to share their experience and skills that they have gained through participating in the association. 

She said that the plan is an effort to raise students’ awareness of the benefits of joining the societies under the Communication department, as it allows students to explore their interests while studying.

When asked about other plans to expose students with the necessary skills to enhance employability, Nisrina says that she intends to run a survey, to gather and figure out the demand skills that are needed by the students.

Nisrina also mentioned the previous programs that have been conducted during the past tenure 20/21.

“COSA has conducted four programs in collaboration with other communication associations, that mainly focus on the skills related to the communication work field such as hosting, writing, photoshop, and pitching skills.”

Nisrina plans to continue the same programs based on the most needed skills that will be determined once the survey is completed. She could also use the information from the survey to improve the program in the future. 

  • Develop positive relationship with communication students through valuable programs  

“Before Covid-19, COSA has conducted a sports program called ‘Saodah Wok Cup’ where communication students from all levels are welcome to join,” said Nisrina. 

However, due to the pandemic, face to face activities can be difficult. Hence, Nisrina is planning to organise a virtual program that can help in cultivating the unity, self-belonging, and the ukhuwah spirit through working together in the activities that will be conducted. 

Nisrina hopes that the initiative could serve the same purpose even though it will be conducted virtually. 

As the future president of COSA, Wan Nisrina hopes that every planning can successfully be conducted as her main focus is to assist Communication students in matters that they face. 

She also highlighted the importance of teamwork, believing that a leader cannot succeed without the help of a great team.

“I will try my very best to hold the responsibility that will be given to me,” said Nisrina as she ended the interview session. 

The election day of AHAS KIRKHS will be held on 9 December (Thursday). For more updates on AHAS KIRKHS Elections, students are encouraged to follow IRKHSSS and IIUMToday Instagram account. ***

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