AHAS KIRKHS Election: Manifesto debate on Treasurer seat begins

By Amirah binti Salhuddin

GOMBAK, 6 December 2021 – The manifesto debate for the Treasurer seat for the AHAS KIRKHS Election has begun between two contesting candidates, Farzana Zulkifli and Izzat Muhammad Haziq, with a live broadcast on IIUMtv YouTube channel on Monday evening (6 December) attended by over 300 participants. 

Farzana Zulkifli from the Department of Arabic Language and Literature, began the manifesto debate by sharing her manifestos that concern the welfare of AHAS KIRKHS students and the bond between international and local students.

“First is to provide welfare support for AHAS KIRKHS students. Second, to bridge the gap between the international and local students by acknowledging their participation.” Farzana shared.

She expressed her concerns of students facing financial problems especially during COVID-19 pandemic, with no monthly/quarterly financial reports and marketing proposal for donation transparency and the huge gap of relationship between international and local students. 

Farzana shared her mechanism to employ where she would identify needy students through surveys, prepare a monthly/quarterly financial report and marketing proposal, open for any sponsorship, analyse students’ needs, and distribute donations in the form of basic necessities. 

For her second manifesto, Farzana plans to conduct cultural events to introduce local students to the international students’ cultures, such as to celebrate their festivals and to publish their literary works.

Farzana aimed to avoid any corruption or breach of trust from happening within the secretariat, to ensure transparency of the donation and to make the international students feel acknowledged and valued.

Meanwhile, Izzat Muhammad Haziq, from the Department of Political Science began his manifesto debate by highlighting his track record as a member of IRKHSS and POSSA.

“I will prioritise the welfare of female students, students with families of low income, and students with disabilities,” Izzat said in the manifesto debate.

Izzat stated that his mission is to ensure that no one is left behind and everyone will get to reap the benefits so they can fulfill their responsibilities as students.

He plans to care for the students’ welfare that includes their finance, mental and physical health and academic affairs with the cooperation from Welfare and Sponsor bureau from IRKHS secretariat.

In employing his plans, he said he would create a special hotline for welfare through WhatsApp as a medium to amplify the students’ voices and to hold mentorship programmes targeted for first year students. 

As leadership quality is expected of university students, Izzat plans to improvise leadership programme in campus by polishing up soft skills among students of the Kulliyyah.

The AHAS KIRKHS Election will be held on 9 December (Thursday) through IRKHS’s social media accounts, telegram channel, and respective secretariat’s social media accounts. ***

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