IPRMSA and COSA join hands to help children understand COVID-19

By Sarah Kamilia & Husna Fathiyyah

GOMBAK, 16 October 2021: Smiles of 7 year-old children from Rumah Amal Permata Hatiku (RAPH) were successfully captured as the Institute of Public Relations Malaysia Student Association (IPRMSA) – IIUM Chapter and Secretariat of Communication Students’ Association (COSA) accomplished another fruitful virtual sharing session with them this morning.

“Community Engagement Project: Virtual Learning With Rumah Amal Permata Hatiku (RAPH)” is the first collaboration project between IPRMSA and COSA comprising 11 sessions with different themes and modules.

Acknowledging the impact of COVID-19 on education, IPRMSA and COSA collaborated on a weekly online voluntary programme with 15 orphans to ensure they are not left behind in this dire situation.

To encourage the spirit of volunteerism, IPRMSA and COSA provide students from Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences (KIRKHS) an opportunity to contribute by offering three different positions for each session; technical, content creator and teacher.

Led by Hani Kartini and Helmy Jasri of IPRMSA, the children were exposed to the topic of “COVID Outbreak for Kids” for today’s session.

The goal of this second session was to educate and enlighten the children about the virus and the danger posed by COVID-19 to help them understand the foreign environment that has become their new normal for the past two years.

The lovely children were graced by Farah Izzati, a Psychology post-graduate student and her assistant Nafisa Mayukh, a third year Communication student.

With the help of interesting and eye-catching slide presentations, they diligently taught the kids with much excitement and patience.

Children were taught on proper ways to wash their hands through songs

The sharing session was proven to be fruitful as the children of Rumah Amal Permata Hatiku actively participated in the session by competitively raising their hands to answer questions throughout the session.

To illustrate their understanding, the children participated in a drawing activity where they drew objects that symbolise protection against the virus such as a house, a mask and hand sanitiser.

It was undeniably a joyful concourse as children’s smiles and laughter ceremoniously filled
the programme

This session provided a space for the children to get a better insight of COVID-19 as they asked questions and conversed with the volunteers.

Volunteers are hopeful that this meeting will help the children understand better on COVID-19 and how it is affecting and changing our lifestyle as we learn to co-exist with the virus.

Joining the virtual sharing were Dr. Zeti Azreen Ahmad, Head of Department of Communication, KIRKHS, who is also the Advisor of IPRMSA, and Dr. Shakira Nasir, Advisor for COSA, expressing their delight and congratulating the members and volunteers for the successful sharing session.

This Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project is ongoing every Saturday from 9:00 a.m to 9:40 a.m, from 9 October 2021 until 8 January 2022, using Google Meet as the sharing platform.

Interested KIRKHS students are welcomed to participate as volunteers in this project by registering here https://forms.gle/Jsu8PvfReu7hzavT6 . ***

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