Children’ Quran knowledge, the focus of SMART Tahfiz

By Aini Nabilah Sharipuddin

GOMBAK, 8 October 2021: The IIUM club Jami’yyatul Khadamatil Quran (JKQ) initiated the SMART Tahfiz programme in collaboration with Fateh Hakim Academy, which successfully came to an end last Friday (1 October). 

The programme runs from 5 to 26 September, with classes held every weekend from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. via an online platform. Juz Amma’ section became the class’s learning module, beginning with Surah Ad Dhuha and ending with Surah An Nas. 

To meet the programme’s objectives of spreading and teaching Quranic knowledge from a young age, the main target participants were 7 to 12 years old.

A total of 36 facilitators partnered with about 100 mentees to teach them how to recite the Quran with proper tajweed. The mentees were also taught in loving and memorising the Quran with creative way. 

Ongoing one of the SMART Tahfiz class

The principal of Fateh Hakim Academy, Ustaz Ismail Akzam in his closing speech said, “I am very thankful to all parents who sent their children in this programme and hoping that this programme will be continued in future as it will benefit the children a lot.”

Ustaz Ismail Akzam as the Principal of Fateh Hakim Academy

Also the President of JKQ IIUM, Siti Saodah expressed her gratitude to all parents, participants, committees, and parties who helped the SMART Tahfiz programme succeed. 

Sis Siti Saodah as the President of JKQ IIUM Club

She encouraged children “to always continue in learning and memorising the Quran especially in becoming al-Hafiz and al-Hafizah (the Quran memorization expert)”.

“We were really happy and enjoyed this class so much. We also thanked our mentor Kak Anis for teaching us,” the SMART Tahfiz participants’ Arissa and her siblings Adelia and Asyraf said showing their happy face. 

Three siblings became participants of SMART Tahfiz programme

Jami’yyatul Khadamatil Quran (JKQ) IIUM was established in 2001 as a mentoring dakwah club based on the Quran with a focus on primary and secondary schools.***

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