Hakim Mahari now IIUMToday’s new student managing editor

By Amirah Yasmin

GOMBAK, 5 October 2021: Third year Communication student, Muhammad Luqman Hakim Bin Mahari, has been appointed as the new student managing editor replacing Iylia Marsya Iskandar in the IIUMToday’s new line-up announced by the portal’s coordinator, Dr. Wan Norshira Wan Mohd Ghazali today.

The appointment of the new main board headed by Luqman Hakim is in line with the spirit of giving opportunities to fresh leadership to demonstrate and practice their management and journalistic skills.

The outgoing student managing editor, Iylia Marsya Iskandar, had served in her capacity for almost two years from January 2020 until yesterday.

Here’s the full list of the new line-up:

Managing Editor: Muhammad Luqman Hakim Bin Mahari
Secretary: Nur Azimah Binti Zainal
Financial Controller: Maisarah Binti Muhammad Rashdi
IT Director: Aisyah Farhana Binti Mohd Fisal
Public Relations: Siti Nor Hidayah Binti Sahrunizam
News Coordinator 1: Aneesah Binti Ishak
News Coordinator 2: Maryam Jameela Binti Mohd Nasir
Feature Coordinator 1: Nurul Haidah Binti Mohd Halid
Feature Coordinator 2: Nur Qamarina Binti Mohd Razali
Social Media Manager: Nur Athirah Binti Mohammad

Iylia Marsya shared that her journey with IIUMToday had shaped her to become a disciplined person and sharpened her leadership skill, apart from moulding her passion to become a professional journalist and a writer dedicated to journalism, not just benefiting her alone, but also the greater community through her contribution.

She told the news portal: “I hope the new committee will be able to engage with more students and that their involvement would give them good exposure to journalism skills.”

Iylia Marsya expressed her wishes to see the fresh IIUMToday’s line-up believing in what they do to keep readers well informed of current developments on campus, apart from the opportunity to acquire journalism skills and develop their potentials.

During her tenure as student managing editor, Iylia Marsya also elevated the social media presence of IIUMToday along with another former committee member, Nor Ariani Wahida. This strategy had gained positive output when the average website readership spiked to 15,000 with the highest view of 45,000 readers. ***

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