UMYGrace: Siti Hasanah wins first place for best paper on social humanities law and education

By Maryam Iman Binti Norhashimi

GOMBAK, 17 September 2021: Siti Hasanah Azahari, a third-year psychology student of International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM), has won first place for Best Paper Award for Social Humanities Law and Education category at the 2nd University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta Undergraduate Conference (UMYGRACE) recently.

Her paper titled “A Correlational Study: The Role of Religiosity and Self-Righteousness in Predicting Aggression among Muslims in Malaysia” highlighted the relationship between religiosity, self-righteousness and aggression.

“I know many Muslims residing in western countries face a lot of discrimination due to bad media, and I’m glad I got to publish this work of mine,” Siti Hasanah said hoping to alleviate some of the harmful media stereotypes.

Her findings have suggested that “religiosity is not supposed to manifest aggressive tendencies at all, rather it is probably the way religious values are being delivered to the people that influences aggressive behaviours”.

As a research assistant to Dr Homam Altabaa (Doctor of Philosophy, International Islamic University Malaysia), Siti Hasanah has acquired proficiency in academic writing, hence the talent shall not go to waste, but rather an impactful contribution to this kind of humanity-based conference.

“I hope more students would be able to involve themselves in such events as it is a great way to share and earn more knowledge as an ummah,” Siti Hasanah shared.

The event which carried the theme “Engaging Youth in Community Development to Strengthen Nation’s Welfare” was designed to publish young people’s ideas worldwide for the benefit of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Organised by Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta, the conference was conducted online on Wednesday (15 September) and participated by undergraduates from various sciences.

Following the university’s biggest purpose in initiating massive movements for the realisation of a promising future, four categories of awards were created – Best Paper Award, Best Participant Award, Best Presentation Award and Outstanding Participant Award.

The classifications that come under Best Paper Award were Economics, Business and Accounting, Engineering and Technology, Health and Nursing, and Social Humanities Law and Education.

The event was regarded as a huge success for the participants involved as it was an opportunity to promote students’ projects or research works to prospective collaborators and partners.

For more insightful information, the recording of the conference is available on UMYogya YouTube channel (***

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