KBSC calls for all IIUM students to get vaccinated

By Sharifah Batrisyia

GOMBAK, 4 September 2021: Kulliyyah Based Society Council (KBSC) is urging all IIUM students to get vaccinated to support the National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme (PICK) and to build a safe environment in preparation for the upcoming physical classes.

COVID-19 vaccines are proven to be effective in curbing the deadly virus. Thus, students are highly encouraged to obtain COVID-19 vaccines to achieve herd immunity which will allow everyone to attend physical classes once again.

COVID-19 virus has forced all of us to live in a new normal. Attaining herd immunity while practising strict Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) on campus can create a safe environment for all students to receive a better learning environment. Being vaccinated while adhering to the SOP can also protect ourselves and the people around us. 

KBSC is also urging students to only read authorised and trusted sources regarding COVID-19 vaccines such as information from World Health Organisation (WHO) and from the Ministry of Health (MoH) website to avoid misinformation.

Visit https://heylink.me/kbscouncil/ for further enquiries on vaccination for all IIUM students.***

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