Increasing cases of animal abuse worrying

By Marissa Nazeera

Animals are often mentioned in Al-Quran and are viewed equally as the creations of Allah. It also includes the domestic animals that symbolise Prophet Ibrahim’s sacrifices and also his obedience towards Allah through the event of Eid Adha.

But, Islam is not the only religion that calls for compassion and mercy regardless of race, religion, which also includes every single type of animals. All religions in this world values animals and calls for its followers to treat animals with kindness.

Nonetheless, it is such a shame to recognise the horrifyingly spiked number of animal abuse cases globally, especially among pet animals like cats and dogs. It was found that domestic violence abusers tend to abuse the pets in their home too. Presumably, both house members and their pet animals are at high risk of being abused.

So, it is important to understand that animal abuse is basically done through a gruesome and cruel abuse. It can be both physical and also sexual acts. The animal’s welfare are often intentionally neglected by their owners too.

Accordingly, it raises a red flag as a clear attestation of violence nature in one’s personality. It is because the act of animal abuse is one of pyschopath’s characteristics. They often inflict harm, purposely injure and kill the animals. 

In the US, it had been recognised by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as a sign of psychopath. Animals are also the first type of living creation killed by the psychopath who may end up as a serial and sadistic killer. For example, the infamous serial killer, Ted Bundy also started first as a dog and cat abuser before he killed a number of young women.

Therefore, it is very important for every human being to identify the signs of animal abuse to save the poor creations from a prolonged danger. Firstly, the animals usually have a weak and malnourished body due to dehydration and hunger. It indicates their welfare and basic rights had been denied or neglected by its owner.

It also tends to have a poor condition without any shelter. This is very dangerous for animals, especially kittens and puppies as it will be highly exposed to unknown threats.

Most importantly, there exists physical and mental trauma due to the abuse. The animals are commonly found wounded, bony and even in physical distress. 

For the attention of the public and the authorities, a police report shall be made for the police to start their investigation. Please document all of the proofs be it photo or video especially during this era of technology. You should always back up with ample proof and correct facts to strengthen your justification and report.

In Malaysia specifically, animals are protected by the Animal Welfare Act 2015. The lists of cruelty offences against animals are prohibited as per provided in section 29 (1). 

As for the failure to ensure the animal welfare is properly managed, section 33 will be referred to as it also provides for the punishment of imprisonment for those who are found liable. 

Thus, as much as every single human being wishes to be treated with love and care, the same goes to the animals. If you cannot take good care of it, then just do not perpetuate harm towards it.

As was narrated by Salim in Sahih Bukhari 5541 that Ibn Umar does not like the branding of animals on the face. He said, “The Prophet S.A.W had forbidden the beating (animals) on the face.”

So, it is important for all, regardless of your belief to always be compassionate, be kind, and just be humane.***

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