13-year old girl with down syndrome allegedly abused

By Dina Alia binti Shaari

Netizens were shocked by the terrible news of Bella, a 13-year old down syndrome child, who was alleged to have been abused. The internet community is urging the authorities to conduct a comprehensive and thorough investigation into the matter, and focus be given to the welfare home’s caregivers as well as all other relevant suspects, to ensure Bella receives justice that she deserves.

It is difficult to grasp how the abuser, as their caregiver and guardian, could do such horrendous things towards a child with disability. Bella’s bruises appears to have come from several episodes of abuse in the pictures that were released online. It seems that there were previous scars, while others are fresh wounds.

Bella was transferred to Rumah Bonda in Kuala Lumpur in 2020, according to Internet sources, and members of the community discovered the abused child following suspicions that emerged when Bella’s name was absent from a recent contagion cluster name list.

Bella’s injuries, which included burnt wounds to her neck, thighs, chest and hands were captured on camera and had been uploaded on social media. Bella’s wounds as a result of being abused, as depicted in a video, are heartbreaking. After allegedly being a victim of abuse at the welfare home, Bella was later discovered with burns on her chest, hands, neck and thighs. Netizens are hoping that the perpetrator will be held accountable and that Bella will receive justice.

An assessment by a doctor verified that the girl had infected burns on her forearm and on other previous scars all over her body, according to Kuala Lumpur CID chief Senior Asst. Commissioner Saiful Anuar Yusoff. He also confirmed that the victim has been tested positive for COVID-19.

There were six other children living at the condominium where the victim lived, according to the investigation. The other children, on the other hand, were said to have no further injuries.***

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