‘Virtual Yasin Recitation & Doa Selamat’ for final examination

By Wan Nisrina Binti Wan Muzafar Shah

GOMBAK, 11 June 2021: A virtual Yasin recitation and doa selamat for Communication students was held last night via Zoom aimed at manifesting gratitudes and seeking His forgiveness and blessings for the upcoming final examination scheduled to begin end of June.

Led by second-year Communication student Muhammad Husaini, the event was organised by Communication Student Association (COSA) in collaboration with all entities – IIUMToday, IIUM.fm. IPRMSA – IIUM Chapter and IIUMtv – under the Department of Communication.

A total of 185 students participated during the virtual Yasin recitation which was attended by Head of the Department of Communication, Dr. Zeti Azreen Ahmad and lecturers from the department.

In her address to the students following the event, Dr. Zeti Azreen said, “Although we have faced online teaching and learning for the past two semesters, most of us are still struggling to adapt to the new norms.” 

“Each of us has done our level best for this semester,” she added. 

Dr. Zeti also reminded the students to stay positive and to believe that everyone has done their best in completing the semester.

She said that every student has his or her own struggles and obstacles in adjusting to the online learning. “Whatever it is we should be positive and never give up on seeking knowledge as it is also part of our ibadah as Muslims.”  ***

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