Breakfast versus Ramadan

By Azri Omar

Is it really important to take breakfast? The answer is absolutely yes. To keep a healthy body, one should not skip his breakfast.

As we all know, breakfast is the most important meal for all of us before we start our day. When we wake up from our sleep, the glucose level in our blood drops due to not eating for about eight hours.

If the glucose level continues to decrease, the cells in our body will not be able to function properly. On the other hand, when someone eats breakfast, the food will be broken down into glucose and it will help to supply energy in our body to help us continue doing our daily activity.

This is very important for us, especially for the students, because if we lack glucose, we will not only be lacking energy, but our brain will also not be able to function well and this will make it difficult for us to stay focused in class.

Besides, eating breakfast can help someone to control his body weight. This happens because breakfast will prevent fluctuations in blood glucose level, which will help to control our appetite. If we miss our breakfast, we will tend to eat more food than the actual amount that our body needs.

However, currently the Muslims are fasting for a complete 30 days since it is the fasting month in the Islamic calendar (Ramadan). So how are they going to have their breakfast during Ramadan? Well, they practiced having a pre-dawn meal (sahur) as their breakfast.

The most ideal time to have sahur is by delaying it to the last portion of the night to fulfil the breakfast meal for the Muslims. It is recommended for them to have meals which consist of complex carbohydrates and proteins because it will take eight hours for it to be completely digested. Even so, there are some Muslims who neglected this practice. This will affect their body condition during the day and it will become worse if they constantly neglect practicing sahur. So this is why having breakfast is important in the diet. 

Breakfast is indeed the most important meal in our diet and it has also been proven scientifically to improve our health. Meanwhile for the Muslims, sahur is one of the recommended sunnah of the Prophet S.A.W. during Ramadan as it differentiates between fasting of the other believers and Muslims.

Hence, as Muslims we should practice having sahur meals consistently during the fasting month.***

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