Guidelines for Aidil Fitri Celebration at Hometown and Return to Campus 

By Ameerah Angelina

GOMBAK, 1 May 2021: With the recent announcement by the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE), local university students are allowed to return to their hometown in phases for Aidil Fitri celebration except for those from Sarawak. 

Students are allowed to return home in phases from 7 to 12 May and to return to campus from 15 to 20 May. 

Bearing all travelling costs themselves, students are only allowed to use three methods to return home:

  1. By own vehicle 
  2. By parents or guardians (pick-up)
  3. By chartered bus coordinated by the university

It is important to note that movement by public transport is not allowed except for airline services and the university will provide a cross-state/district permission letter for students returning home and back to campus. 

Before leaving the campus, students who are returning to campus after the break must hand over their room key to the Mahallah Office, while those who are not returning to campus are required to do a “Mahallah clearance”. 

In addition, all students returning home are required to undergo a health screening process before leaving the campus. Those returning to MCO areas need to undergo 10 days of self-isolation at home. Students entering Sabah, on the other hand, must undergo PT-PCR or RTK-Ag test three days before departure. 

Below is the schedule set for the movement to return home:

A detailed flowchart for the movement to return home and the movement to return to campus have also been created by MOHE, as can be seen below: 

Movement to Return Home
Movement to Return to Campus

Upon returning to campus after the break, students must use the MySejahtera application and health screening will be done on campus. Those returning from MCO areas are required to undergo 10 days of isolation in designated mahallah. 

Lastly, throughout the process of returning home and back to campus, it is essential for everyone to practice physical distancing at all times, avoid the 3C, practice the 3W and observe proper coughing and sneezing etiquette.*** 

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