Candidates for Vice President defend their manifestos

By Dhiya Damia Zuhairul

GOMBAK, 9 April 2021: Students were able to gain insights into who they should vote for the candidates to fill in the General seats for Vice President I and Vice President II in IIUM Student Union (IIUMSU) election set on Saturday (10 April) following the manifestos unveiled yesterday (8 April).

The session “Candidates Round for Vice President” gave the opportunity for the candidates to explain their manifestos that will be carried out after the election.

Running for the positions of Vice President I and Vice President II are the following four candidates: Fajur Shofilula, Ebrahim Adel Ali, Darwiis Aris, and Ain Nuha Abu Bakar.

Organised by IIUM Student Union Election Commission (IIUMSUEC), the discussion was moderated by the Kulliyyah of Medicine student, Arif Hakimi starting from 9.30 p.m.

The manifestos emphasised by the four candidates are as follows:

Fajru Shofil Ula:

Fajur Shofilula, a student of Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences (Human Sciences), emphasised his ideas to make the student union a standardised platform with complete student information from A to Z.

He said, ‘‘It concerns how students still don’t know where to reach out to when they face common problems such as education fee or Mahallah food or Wi-Fi problems.”

Secondly, he seeks to provide combined help for both international and local students. He stated that there should be no separation when it comes to giving help to those in need.

He wants also to encourage students to write and give ideas that can help to improve the university environment and student community.

Ain Nuha Binti Abu Bakar:

Ain Nuha, who is also from Kulliyyah of IRKHS, highlighted in her manifesto on the sports niche in IIUM Gombak campus. She stated that sports-related issue in IIUM Gombak was commonly being seen as a minor problem and should not well and immediately catered.

She rejected the idea saying, ”IIUM students are regularly active playing sports during their leisure time at the court, so attention should be given to facilitate the court activity, rather than letting IIUM students spend their time outside the campus.”

She also wishes to conduct a social sports club that combines all sports activities in IIUM for students who would like to play for fun instead of playing for competition.

To a question raised by the moderator that “sport is a competition by nature, so how do we unite students if they compete with each other?” Ain Nuda replied that not every student plays sports to enter the competition.

Hence, she said, that is why a social sports club that combines all types of sports should be established so that it is open for students who want to have fun while playing in their leisure time without having to train for any competition.

Muhammad Darwiis Bin Mohammad Aris:

The third candidate for the Vice President seat, Muhammad Darwiis, is from Kulliyyah of Nursing.

He emphasises the need to enhance good governance and transparency by recognising students’ concerns by encouraging effective communication between IIUM managements, SU representatives and the students.

He further widens his manifesto by suggesting that the student union should disclose their progress based on their manifestos every two months to keep track of their activities. Furthermore, he proposes for the student union to provide a platform for students to gain access if they want to express their concerns regarding the university.

Ebrahim Adel Ali Ahmad:

The last candidate Ebrahim Adel is from Kulliyyah of Medicine. He strongly proposed in his manifesto by pronouncing that the student union should upgrade their platform towards student’s friendly online system for students who have issues regarding Wi-Fi.

He said, “There should be a student-friendly online report accessible anytime so that students can easily report their Wi-Fi condition in Mahallah and action be taken immediately.”

The moderator concluded the talk by asking the candidate to state why they should be elected for the seats of Vice President. There were also questions selected from the comment section on Facebook Live IIUM Election Commission that were posed to the candidates seeking answers to their manifestos.

Readers may check the full discussion on the manifesto presentation on Facebook IIUM Election Commission.***

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