Launched, Online Election Management System (iTasweet)

By Maryam Nasir

GOMBAK, 25 March 2021: The first production-ready blockchain-databases application in the world, iTasweet, was launched today for use by IIUM students during election since COVID-19 prohibits them to cast their votes physically.

This new digital voting system will be used for the first time during the upcoming IIUM Student Union (IIUMSU) election on 9 April for students to elect their representatives.

The launching of iTasweet marks IIUM’s testament to its standing in the next Internet Revolution, bringing one step closer into realising its vision of restoring the dynamic and progressive role of the Muslim ummah in all branches of knowledge.

iTasweet has been developed by Muhammad Haikal Azhar as the lead developer and Marzouq Abedur Rahman as the developer of the blockchain technology.

The blockchain technology will ensure integrity and security of the election along with the highest level of identity security via a logical data-centric infrastructure.

iTasweet works for students by logging in their matric number. It will automatically sync to their email and they can straight away choose and vote the candidates for the election.

This development was a collaboration of IIUMSU and Information Technology Division (ITD) for IIUM Student Union Election 2021.

For any inquiries or updates regarding the election, students can reach out to IIUM Election Commission through these platforms:

Facebook: **

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