Rector on future plan of IIUM Sejahtera Academic Framework

By Dhiya Damia Zuhairul

GOMBAK, 19 March 2021: IIUM Rector, Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Dato’ Dzulkifli Abdul Razak, recently expressed the importance of an Islamic legal doctrine, maqāṣid al-sharīʿa and mind map created for the future goals of IIUM Sejahtera to improvise on its academic framework.

He said this in a YouTube Live from channel Sejahtera Centre for Sustainability and Humanity titled “Dialog Sejahtera Siri 36”.

In the one hour and 11-minute talk between Tan Sri Prof. Dzulkifli and Sayed Munawar, the moderator, the Rector spoke about the significance of maqāṣid al-sharīʿa in planning future academic framework.

He said, “Sejahtera education system was based on Islamic values and can be applied even to non-Muslims.”

He also stated that if the western countries applied the value of maqāṣid al-sharīʿa, human rights would not be an issue and “there would be no black people in the western countries begged for mercy for their lives, for example.”

Furthermore, he also added that education was supposed to be changed and improvised for the future. He said, “good education could bring change into our lives.”

However, he encouraged that future academic framework planning needs to keep the good ethics in education.

This is where the moderator introduced the audience of the mind map made by the IIUM Sejahtera which is based on their goals and strategic planning for the future education framework.

Tan Sri Prof. Dzulkifli took the opportunity to express the IIUM Sejahtera mission for IIUM students. Here are the highlights of mind map contents:

1) The main goal of the IIUM Sejahtera’s future goals of the academic framework mind map is based on the slogan of IIUM, which is to make IIUM the “Garden of Knowledge and Virtue”. In order to reach the main goal, Prof. Dzulkifli said individuals must be aware and up-to-date with the global changes in education academic framework.

2) He also said in the mind map, one of the sub-goals is to reach the goals of sustainable development and utilising maqāṣid al-sharīʿa as the guidance. For now, his nearest mission is to reach harmonies between each kulliyyah of IIUM. In an attempt to achieve the harmonies, there will be a session in the future by IIUM Sejahtera where students from each Kulliyyah can make a statement of dissatisfaction about any matter arises soon.

The discussion with Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Dato’ Dzulkifli ended at 10.11 p.m after the moderator gave his closing remarks on the mind mapping and the Islamic legal doctrine, maqāṣid al-sharīʿa.***

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