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By Rintan Tiffani Angela

A firstborn daughter, the oldest of three siblings. Born to the Minang-Sundanese couples. She is Rintan Tiffani Angela. Her closest friend called her Tiff, her parents simply called her Intan, and in campus, she was often referred to as Tiffani or Angela, but she preferred to be known as Ang.

At 23, she still struggles for her degree in communication while others in the same age have lived the new phase of their married life or surrounded by colleagues in the workplace. 

A quote said “don’t rush things, anything worth having is worth waiting for”. The only motivation that drives her to keep up in life and not to regret what has passed.

Her father was a businessman, and her mother was the driving force behind his triumph. Surprisingly, none of them was an alumnus or even enrolled in a bachelor’s degree during their twenties. Here Tiff has become the first member of her family to attend university. If she could give them this honour of becoming a university graduate, it could tell she was a source of pride for them.

Far from home was not a new thing for Rintan. She spent almost half of her childhood away from her family to attend a religious school. Recalling the first time her father dropped her off in front of the gate about ten years ago, her tears shed down.

“Please carry me home, I don’t want to be here.” Rintan begged as her father’s car pulled away.

It’s a place she’s never thought about growing up. In a far-flung neighbourhood, this urban girl on her own struggling to adapt to her surroundings until she managed to earn her high school diploma.

Anyway, thanks to them, without those experience, she wouldn’t be strong as now and could deal with the hassle of life. Meanwhile, after she graduated from six-year of boarding school, she flew to Kuala Lumpur to continue her education. Honestly, even though she has to go abroad, the second phase is so much easier.

Rintan was a bit vague to herself. In other words, she is blind to her own potential. She believed she would never be able to be a leader, despite the fact that she’s always been chosen to be one. She has always found it difficult to adapt and socialise, despite the fact that she always seems to blend in everywhere she goes.

It was all due to her stubbornness and lack of self-confidence. Fearful of how people saw her as if it really mattered. She is, however, a true individual who always wishes to assist others.

Rintan is more deferential to the thoughts of others than to her own. People mistook her for a slacker, even her mom thought so, but she was well aware of her own ability to get things done. “ Work smart! ” was her watchword.

Travelling and photography are the two of her greatest pleasures. She is a great travel planner, and on any group outing, she has served as a travel agent and a talented photographer. She was able to keep track of the itinerary, budget, accommodation, and everything else in an efficient way.

She might not be voguish in style but has good eyes in fashion. Even her friends always ask her for fashion advice. She enjoys thrill rides in theme parks, but she can’t stand speaking in public for more than a minute.

She liked to take a picture, but she abhorred for being photographed. Love to watch horror movies but not too brave for living alone. There she was, with her one-of-a-kind list of likes and dislikes.

Rintan had never thought of becoming a journalist until she watched the film “The Devil Wears Prada.” The movie was about Andy who took a job as a fashion journalist at one of the most well-known haute couture magazines.

The excitement and challenges of becoming a fashion writer are depicted in the image, which has piqued her interest and inspired her to pursue a career in this field. Rintan’s interest in fashion journalism has been noticeable since she was a teenager, when she used to buy Girls magazine, which covers the lifestyle and fashion of young females and is particularly connected and interest with the fashion article section.

So, it could tell that there was a hidden desire inside her for this profession. Her desire, like Andy’s, could be to travel the world whilst also living and working in New York and becoming financially independent. As a consequence, becoming a journalist might be able to help Rintan achieve her goal.

In her five-year master plan, she hopes to learn more languages, succeed in trading as a side hustle, work on magazine publications, and improve her journalism skills in order to advance her career to become a fashion editor for a well-known publisher.

Knowing needs to improve her journalism skills, so she specialises in Integrated Media Journalism. She also enriches her writing skills by practising and reading books and news articles. She was a big fan of online news sites like Vogue, The New York Times and the BBC.

She wants to be able to write a novel like her favourite author Tere Liye, in addition to being a fashion journalist. Rintan was inspired by his masterpiece to write stories that not only entertained but also inspired people. However, since she has just recently begun, it will be a long journey to go.***

(This article is written as part of the individual assignment series for Feature Writing class)

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